Insurance firms layout mobile electricity supplier, to create their own insurance

Since some services actively and Internet business integration, more and more services began to enter to the Internet especially the mobile Internet, the insurance industry is no exception, recently a lot of insurance industry ready to want to help the mobile Internet, the potential to grow their own strength, they promote mobile Internet products through […]

Jingdong announced a $500 million sale of home appliances and Tmall 200 million potential match

news May 8th, Jingdong and Tmall mall in the field of home appliances exhibition grappling trend has already started. After Tmall announced yesterday will invest 200 million yuan of subsidies appliance sales business, Jingdong today announced that the mall will come up with 500 million yuan as none other promotional price. Tmall mall said yesterday […]

2009 Internet Conference observation e-commerce trends

November 2, 2009, 2009 China Internet Conference in Beijing International Conference Center Grand opening. The theme of the conference is "crisis, opportunity and opportunity: China’s Internet power and confidence under the financial crisis". The determination of is a direct indication of a new relationship between the virtual economy and the real economy. More obvious is […]

Double eleven discount was halted and misinformation Ali said not received notice of the Jingdong

morning news (reporter Sun Yu) "all 11 double event page does not appear reference price, price tag, price discount, this kind of words." Yesterday, there was news that the State Administration for Industry and commerce are required to prohibit the use of electronic business platform discount price and reference price. In this regard, the Beijing […]

Taobao to upgrade the protection of consumer rights fakes can enjoy quick refund

Taobao upgrade the protection of consumer rights can enjoy fast refund fakes with immediate effect, if consumers found in the presence of fake shopping Taobao suspected and initiated a refund application, will be expected to get second retreat service. reporter learned that Taobao has recently launched a "fake quick refund services, this is the business […]