Opera website profit model long way

Chinese opera network (www.xiqu8.com) since its inception in August 8th 07, nearly a year’s time, there are many experiences and insights, here and share your experience.


decided to do the site, I also want to do the other theme of the site, perhaps in retrospect, probably founded the other theme website will be more attractive, such as pop music, QQ, non mainstream, but also may be a little more profit in the website. But I really like opera, and I chose the opera website without hesitation. read more

Shanghai webmaster conference site highlights

       ;     in November 22, 2008, the webmaster magazine club Shanghai District first session will be held in Shanghai city cultural center. This meeting mainly around the small and medium-sized webmaster, how should we find our way out, how to go out of their closed circle and each other’s resources cooperation, these topics for mutual communication!


this conference presided over the establishment of 123 www.jz123.cn   Mister fan Qing opening speech read more

The local station information and dump the wall

now more and more Adsense website advertising began to do QQ group, yesterday was finally moved for a long time in the group where the active information owners, decided to buy a year advertising, I usually buy is a year, in order to reduce the average cost and obtain additional gains in advertising advertising resources on the period of the rising flow. So began to investigate the local information station seriously.

first look at PR, pr=5, not bad, the introduction of advertising links, the effect should be good, the site and the local more than 20 high-quality websites stable links. read more

Website is to persist in the end

if you ask what the most important thing is, I’m afraid ten or ten people will answer, "stick to it."". In the Internet industry, the rule of "remaining king" is interpreted incisively and vividly.

yes, just to stay the course. But what is this "bottom"? First of all, we need to know who our competitors are, and we can have effective means to get the true popularity of the other party. Then, the end can be defined as when we can feel the pressure from competitors: each other’s popularity rose and desperately has established the leading position in the industry, and our website popularity but not what progress or even reverse, while rivals such as more than one or two, but we are not what effective strategies this is the end. read more

Newbie web site guide


customers buy a virtual host or service, remember the following processes. I don’t mean personal server is bad, just remind everyone.

, buy network product, service providers must have a business license, which is a prerequisite, he includes business license, organization code, tax registration certificate, this company is safe, if you want to check is not false, you can directly dial the local business telephone inquiries, as do these things out of service providers wrong, what are good solve, and this is also a symbol of strength, they each is the tax, business management fees, rents have a lot of money, so you can trust this IDC. String 6 read more

Where is the spring of online recruitment The dilemma pull hook

"you are helping people find work? Is the headhunter? Is the same with the recruitment website?" you under the scorching sun spittle flying the one hour, users still don’t understand you. What they do not understand is not how to use, also be online invite applications for a job website, with what to use you?. So now the "focus on the Internet online recruitment" hook, you wake up! Not online recruitment pattern is the most terrible, but old people still alive! One day in the near future, really want to fight in the sale of talent resume and website advertising resources with online recruitment of veterans, only more tragic: even if the attention segments did not earn money. read more

Summarize several ways to generate traffic


site shunt: the use of existing traffic, drive new traffic, for example you can add code in the existing pop-up page, put a noticeable word in a prominent position, can attract

people click, and once the content of the new site is attractive enough, you can hold the fixed access group.

2, search engine optimization: a new site has not done advertising, and its traffic is mostly from search. Sum up some of the following:

from the new station 0IP to 3000IP above basic process:

A, the site built, no broken chain structure can not be too deep, the website directory structure once is set, because change the site structure easy to decline in the rankings, the best two directories, each directory optimization read more

Website promotion Forum propaganda method refinement

this is their own in February this year, wrote second articles on network promotion, mainly written in detail to the forum publicity of some refinement steps, is one of their more satisfactory.

, I’ve written a quick way to improve website traffic (1 weeks, 2000IP, 2WIP). Today, the inside of the BBS publicity promotion way, detailed write.

forum to promote 1 major steps to find material published in your forum 2 for the appropriate version of the forum posting area 3 how post top stick to publicity material to achieve the best results: 1 other: how to do in reverse domain name ID IP blocked the situation. 2: professional website how to use BBS to propaganda?. read more

The station master’s ambition is more important than the busyness

if a man earns 10 times more than you do and spends more time on your job than he does, he must have done something quite different from yours.

the greatest thing that ever comes to man is freedom. Money brings freedom.

people are too busy dealing with life, and can’t stop to think about how to solve their money problems. Most people don’t even have 1 hours to think about how they should get rich and why they never do.

write down the amount of money you want and how much time you give yourself to make the money. This is the secret of the secret of wealth. read more

Personal webmaster to do the location of the site, thinking about the extent of availability

followed an article, "personal webmaster to do local website positioning, thinking of market research", continue to brief personal webmaster do local website positioning, thinking factors, today said is positioning thinking practical degree. When it comes to the degree of practical use of the site, it’s a necessary factor to be a station. If a website is not practical, especially a local station, that means a garbage and no useful value.

how can you make the website more practical? The last article mentioned the market research, so to do a practical station, we should find out from the market research. The market survey third is required for some of the more prestigious local portal station collected for comparison, compare, their popularity is mainly concentrated in the area which is the talent?? or news? Or is the entertainment section to make a summary?. Local gateway station is a comprehensive website, it includes many sections, in fact, the comprehensive website is the most difficult to improve popularity, to be popular, it must improve the practical level. read more

Some experience summary from hacker to stationmaster

, how can I see the rainbow without the wind and rain? Marx and my bond!


Chapter 1: webmaster’s dream!!!


contact network early, but really learned, are learned from the game, suddenly, my college career began, only from a know the game boy, became a college student, although I go to university is mediocre, but I know people in this life the biggest enemy is himself, so I must conquer myself, I hope for success, I love to bring me the fruits of success, at this time I secretly determined, I must not be white on the last few years, I am very hard to learn, but I found that I have learned basically not much use (except for some of the basic operation, I think this is the decision of university system! The University theory than practice) again I lost……… .. read more

Planning and thinking of plant networks

some time ago to see some people say do plant network is good, so also to try, in fact already considering building network, but has not been determined, only to see an article, decided to do, now the site built, my website is [Zhejiang] real net factory the site, just on the line, users are not many.

now how to operate it, is indeed a headache, and now also to talk about their own future planning and ideas.

first of all, a successful website can not do without good content, and a successful workshop can not be separated from the effective supply and demand information of the factory building. Therefore, the content is the key, with the content only then has the development. As for how to profit, the current national do good workshop nets are in the form of advertising profit, so the website must have enough advertising and advertising in different regions; the line documentary is not good to do, and intermediary cooperation can consider the annual fee or the inquiry resale, because renting information for intermediary is money ah. I know a plant network using this method, of course Qiuzu information posted on your web site you must control the method yourself to. read more

Movie site traffic promotion road, resource integration so that traffic sharing

In the course of the development of a market,

must go through the development track of "less to more" and "more or less". The process of website development and the market in a competitive field in the Internet, also confirms this rule, in the film site as an example, in the early stage of market development, because of so many similar sites are scarce, catch the earliest stationmaster step with SP, such as mobile phone services and customized ringing tone advertising profit followed; there are more and more webmaster to join the market competition, the surplus resources become tense, let money become no longer as it was so easy. So after several years of development, with the fall of some movie website, gradually formed a relatively stable development situation, after the market survival of the fittest, movie website competition in the market tends to be stable, but every day there are still new site, the old site. Faced with such competition, the old site dare not have the slightest slack, because once the lax means may face dilemma and fall at any time, and the new site is very careful, because behind the updated site in front of chase, also face the pressure of competition and the old site, at the same time cost and energy cost of the webmaster let the new owners dare not let down. read more

Successful home dessert shop to do what work

dessert has been more and more popular in the leisure catering market at present, with the development prospects are very good, also have more market demand, because of this, there will be more and more entrepreneurs want to open a related dessert. However, it is precisely because of the opening of the dessert shop more and more people, so that more and more intense competition in the industry, want to get the success of the cause, naturally also need to do a good job of preparation, do more work. So, the successful opening of a dessert shop to do what work? read more

Overall cabinet store location proposal

general cabinet stores will be opened in what lots? We can look at real life investment cases, make some analysis. In fact, the location of the shop is a commonplace topic, but there is still a higher heat of discussion, showing its importance. How to choose this kind of shop? Let’s take a look.

first consumers to buy the whole cabinet is often in the hard decoration after the end of the beginning, so the store should be linked with the final part of the decoration, such as with the furniture store, curtain shop adjacent. Secondly, it should be chosen in the overall concentration of the operating area of the cabinet, because it can not only use the customer base adjacent stores, but also for professional consumer groups. read more

The shop clerk can also become a gilded signboard

said the shop signs, many people may think of is what is then the billboards, the manager just, however, it can also become a shop clerk a gilded signboard. There was a time when a loaf of bread from my store was very profitable, so I said to the clerk, "if a customer comes to buy a loaf of bread, be sure to recommend it." The clerk will listen to my manager. But one day, a clerk in the recommendation is too warm, was the customer’s resentment and questioned: "is not to sell this bread you have a commission ah?" Then the customer left angrily. read more

How important it is to choose the brand of the catering industry

for those who have investment ideas, no matter what you are interested in the industry, before the action must be the first choice of the most appropriate brand. In particular, some do not have any experience in the food and beverage franchisee, you want to start a successful business, then you must pay attention to the choice of the brand to join the food, so as to ensure your success in the food and beverage business.

selected catering franchise brand is very important: the dependence on people to join the brand has been very high, is at a map. Look for you to join the main requirements: many franchisees want to be "shuaishouzhanggui", not only money output; there is also "Tandaqiuquan, want to immediately open shop. Those who refuse to "shuaishouzhanggui" and "Tandaqiuquan, and will join the training of their own brands are often responsible for. read more

The development of retail business should be based on customer demand

some shops can not stick to it in a short time, and some shops can be a long run, or even become a hundred years old, which naturally has a great relationship with the boss’s business. Luo boss is our town a retail shop, has twenty years, mainly engaged in all kinds of tea, tobacco and sugar series milk drinks, daily necessities and so on, in the customer impression of high visibility. In the business, although a variety of sour, sweet, bitter, hot taste Luo boss have experienced, but he gained abundant wealth, their hard work in exchange for a full of happiness — house, car, home appliance furniture trends Goods are available in all varieties. read more