North District of Xining city to strengthen the surrounding environment supervision

in order to give the college entrance examination candidates to create a good environment for learning and examination, from June 3rd onwards, the city of Xining City Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau will strengthen the surrounding environment remediation and supervision. North District Urban Management Bureau will focus on remediation of the area in the primary school, the surrounding environment, the flow of business management, a comprehensive clean-up of stalls outside the shop, around the campus within 100 meters shall not appear all kinds of stalls. In addition, will increase efforts to deal with the construction site, catering and entertainment, iron processing, vehicle maintenance and other noise sources, and resolutely investigate and deal with random stage performances, playing music and advertising by amplifying equipment of commercial stores, stop all commercial atmosphere approval activities. Collection and transportation of garbage, kitchen garbage and dust sprinkler of vehicles are the silent operation. in addition, during the examination period, Chengbei District Urban Management Bureau will arrange in various test centers around the law enforcement officers and wardens, a set of people, posts on duty, timely solutions, vendors sell advertising effects surrounding the examination with enrollment order and provide a quiet environment for numerous candidates. (author: Peng Na Wei Yunlong)

Xining has more than 19 thousand people with visual disabilities

October 15th is the international day of the blind. According to the 2006 second national sampling survey data show that in Xining City, the existing visual disability (visual disability including blindness and low vision) more than 1.9 people, many of them only with their feet, hands, ears, nose and skin to make sense of the world. In life, they should not only accompany Mangdao and crutches, you should also pay more attention to me.

Hao Peng stressed in the study of Xining in a broader context to further promote the release of the

5 16, governor Hao Peng in Xining research decentralization, put the tube combined with the optimization of service reform, and chaired a special meeting to study the deployment of related work. Hao Peng stressed the need to conscientiously implement the central deployment in a wider and deeper level to promote the "put the tube, take" reform, and create a more fair and convenient market environment, promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation booming, sustained economic development of endogenous power form. Xining administrative examination and approval service hall, came to deal with the masses of all kinds of formalities. Hao Peng came to the self check system, see if a brush card, click on the relevant business units, for the people, for the number of window at a glance, then can enjoy "a window of acceptance, a service station, a chapter of approval service. Hao Peng affirmed the practice. He pointed out that the core of the relative concentration of the reform of administrative examination and approval right is to provide people with more convenient, more sunshine, more efficient administrative services, to make great efforts for examination and approval process of sorting and re optimization, and strive to create a characteristic, in the convenient service to see the results, to ensure that the reform of enterprise application run time, compression project approval speed, convenient masses. In the view of investment projects online approval and supervision of construction and operation platform, Hao Peng requirements improve the sector linkage mechanism, covering the whole province, built through vertical and horizontal Unicom, information sharing investment projects online approval platform, implementation of parallel approval online. then, Hao Peng came to Xining entrepreneurial incubation base, to understand the settled business projects, entrepreneurship and other employment. In the discussion with some entrepreneurs, Hao Peng one by one ask everyone’s business situation, listen carefully to the difficulties encountered in the entrepreneurial process and the views and suggestions of the government, cordial interaction. He encouraged everyone to be based on the characteristics of Qinghai advantage, seize this pivotal innovation, extensive use of various resources, technology and intelligence, promote innovation chain, industrial chain and market demand for organic convergence efforts, promote the healthy growth of enterprises, development and growth. Hao Peng told accompanied by research of the relevant responsible person to further increase the "double" support, to provide quality and efficient services for business start-up and growth, to create a good environment. afternoon, Hao Peng chaired the meeting, thematic listened to the provincial Commission Office, development and Reform Commission, human resources and social security department, finance department and other departments to promote the Industrial and Commercial Bureau "put the tube, take" the progress of the reform, to study the deployment of related work. Hao Peng pointed out that the deepening of decentralization, put the tube combination and optimization of service reform is to promote economic and social sustainable and healthy development of strategic initiatives, to enhance the coordination of decentralization, accelerate the provincial state information network and the interoperability, consolidate and expand the […]

Haixi and Ping An Bank signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement

March 14th, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture People’s government and the Ping An Bank Ltd signed the "framework agreement" comprehensive financial strategic cooperation, the development of circular economy to promote a high Haixi help. At the same time, the development and Construction Investment Co. Ltd., Ping An Bank Ltd and Sequoia Ningbo free trade zone "fund industry Cci Capital Ltd signed a cooperation framework agreement". the signing of the "comprehensive financial strategic cooperation framework agreement", is the Haixi Prefecture Government and Ping An Bank Ltd to strengthen high-level cooperation, work together to promote the construction of the test area and the development of circular economy, industrial transformation and upgrading, innovation in financial services, an important measure to broaden the financing channels, through the joint efforts of both sides, relying on professional Ping An bank business services, through policy guidance and market operation, professional management, support and promote the recycling economy construction of major industrial projects, marking the two sides into a new stage of strategic cooperation, and seek common development in the fields of energy resources, to further deepen the financial cooperation, and create a new situation in financial work has played an important benchmarking and demonstration effect. at the same time, the development and Construction Investment Co. Ltd., Ping An Bank Ltd and Cci Capital Ltd of the Ningbo Free Trade Zone Sequoia jointly initiated the establishment of the Qaidam circular economy industrial development fund ", focus on supporting the development of new energy, new materials, bio industry, PPP fund and other fields, to achieve resource sharing, complementary advantages, and jointly promote the development of circular economy of green provide strong support for energy resources, industrial development of circular economy and green haixi.  

Xining tourism earned 3 billion 100 million yuan in the first half

yesterday, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau, in the first half of this year, Xining received a total of 4 million 594 thousand and 300 tourists at home and abroad, the total tourism revenue of $3 billion 154 million. according to the analysis, the overall volume of scenic spots, mainly in the people’s Park, Nanshan Park and other five parks, a total of tourists received 3 million 552 thousand and 900 passengers. Because of the increased number of tourists, the park according to their different characteristics and season, launched the ice sculpture exhibition, lightshows, tulip exhibition and other activities. In addition, this year the temperature rapidly warming, suitable outing outing time growth. at the same time, rural tourism is increasingly favored by urban residents. Since March, warmer temperatures after the rural tourism has become a tourist attraction into people’s attention. According to the tourism market of Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, Huangyuan County, Huang Zhongxian requirements, held rich festivals, such as the harvest festival, Huangzhong County, Datong County of Huangyuan County Rural delicacy contest, cultural tourism festival will attract tourists to enjoy the surrounding. Rural tourism increased dramatically, while the statistics included in the rural tourism sites from March to June, the average occupancy rate of 36%, especially in June five, the average occupancy rate reached 60%, reaching more than 80% holidays. (author: Yang Jian)

2014 the blue sky under the green mountains and rivers

2014, the sky will be more blue in Xining; the third, the three rivers and the six banks will be linked to a green landscape ecological corridor; the 2014, the ancient city of the plateau will be full of greenery, flowers, full of vitality of the city of! Mayor Wang Yubo proposed in the government work report: "focus on the construction of" strategic national ecological civilization pilot area ", great efforts to treat gas, water, mountains, efforts to promote green development, development cycle, low carbon development, and build a strong ecological basis, make the city into the natural." The construction of ecological civilization has been referred to a more important position in the economy and people’s livelihood, Kern, evening news reporter through interviews on behalf of members of the environmental protection departments, water, forestry, for you to show through the "three rule" after it is more for Xining. deep gas governance: complete the transformation of coal-fired boilers interview: City Environmental Protection Bureau Director Shi Chao this year in our city air pollution remediation mainly: to increase the intensity of the transformation of the fuel, coal gas by increasing efforts to complete the natural gas pipe network within the coverage area of 809 tons of steam coal-fired boiler; according to the procedures of Xining Municipality on the administration of motor vehicle exhaust in Xining City, the main street of the establishment of the yellow car forbidden area, prohibited yellow car driving, increase inspection efforts, through the mandatory elimination and encouraging the elimination of the phasing out of the yellow car, reduce vehicle exhaust pollution; improve the emission standards, the elimination of backward production capacity, accelerate the progress of pollution control projects of enterprises; continue to do the construction dust road dust prevention; minimize waste incineration, burning straw, fireworks and other acts, the basic completion of catering service unit of coal smoke pollution. continues to flood: Three River water shore green in interview: city water Secretary Liu Hongyan in 2014 to invest a lot of money, focus around Xining to create a good water environment, including three rivers, namely Nanchuan River, Beichuan River, Xichuan river. The Beichuan river through land development and other work to build an ecological water treatment, water spots, Nanchuan river began to control the upper reaches of the river. To strengthen the management and protection of the source of three rivers, focusing on Soil and water conservation, through the comprehensive management of the three river into Xining city water clear green shore Jingmei river. At the same time, from the beginning of this year to govern the 4 to the surrounding urban areas of the 5 channels, and through the efforts of the past five years to complete the Xining channel governance. Strengthen the construction of urban waterlogging drainage network transformation, through the drainage pipe network to prevent the occurrence of pipe burst, siltation phenomenon, to avoid causing two pollution. Strengthen the construction of sewage treatment facilities, improve the standards and capacity of sewage treatment. By the national […]

2 billion 760 million counterpart aid to let the poor families benefit

in the Poverty Alleviation Office will adjust the aid to areas of Liaoning province to province 9 counties more than a year after the State Council, the province will arrange 18 million yuan of funds, in 12 poor villages in Huangzhong, the people, and mutual aid County including the implementation of the rapeseed planting, standardized breeding dairy shops, construction, to support the industry the development of Liaoning aid whole village projects, 2856 poor households through shareholder dividends, joint venture and business model of the industry to benefit from.

CPPCC National Committee members to do the work before the meeting

Beijing newspaper (correspondent Xue Jun Li Caiyun) members of our province attended the CPPCC National Committee of the twelve session of the four meeting of the arrived in Beijing, to seriously study the spirit of the relevant documents, carefully prepared proposals and presentations, concentrate on foot before the "homework", held a welcoming conference with full spirit. two days, the reporter interviewed members of the resident, everywhere can see our province CPPCC or access to information, or discussion, or quickly wrote it down…… They attach great importance to the provincial government, the general concern of the people as the main content of the proposal, and strive to write a scientific, comprehensive, forward-looking, feasible countermeasures and suggestions. reporter saw Ma Changqing members, he is taking the time to supplement their own proposals to improve. Over the past year, Ma Changqing, members of the grassroots level, around national unity, ecological civilization construction and employment, housing prices, prices and other people concerned about the livelihood of the people to carry out research. This year’s two sessions, he was prepared in the panel discussion, in the submission of proposals on the construction of ecological civilization, national unity and stability, poverty alleviation and other issues, combined with the actual situation in Qinghai, to raise some reasonable proposals. As a member of the CPPCC National Committee, I am deeply responsible for the major. We must have the courage to play, to speak for the people, in order to achieve the Chinese dream to make its due contribution." Ma Changqing said. Hong Wei came to the members of the resident, he supported the establishment of funds "on the desk to modify the judicial system reform long-term protection mechanism of the proposal" is in front of the computer, he carefully, to make proposals batted, more practical, more targeted to make suggestions. He also prepared this year’s proposal also involves the development of photovoltaic industry, supply side reforms, etc.. "The voice of the grassroots will be reflected in the general assembly, it is our duty to put forward practical suggestions. We should talk about politics, discipline, open the general assembly, understand the spirit of the meeting, to fulfill the duties of members." Hong Wei said. poverty alleviation education from the start, but also from the doll grab." Han Xingwang special attention to the ethnic minority areas of education, in the early stages of doing a lot of research work, he prepared a proposal on the development of pre-school education in ethnic minority areas. In addition, he also wrote to increase policy support for the development of ethnic minority areas, the establishment of the Sala green home 5A scenic spots and other aspects of the proposal. He said, must be in this event more publicity changes in the development of Qinghai, and let more people understand Qinghai, care about Qinghai, support for Qinghai to fully express the wishes of the people of all ethnic groups in Qinghai, put forward more valuable opinions and suggestions, great trust of the people of his […]

Care of love in action a future 1043 Xining traffic radio on the mountain left-behind children publi

In May 30th 2012, Xining traffic radio organized a "loving care of future public student activities in the 1043 action" as the theme, is located in the remote mountainous areas of left-behind children sent a gift of love, has won wide acclaim from all sectors of society. In order to ensure that the activities of and achieved good social benefits, Xining traffic radio began to notice and publicity in the whole frequency during the period from May 15th, many listeners have called for the mountain children express their blessing, and actively participated in this charity event. In the early stage in the process of propaganda, Xining traffic radio joint Tencent micro-blog on the Internet propaganda media, opened the official micro-blog "Xining traffic radio loving care of future" is the name of the globe, on the day, all users in the official micro-blog issued a total of 34819 interactive Portman, related topics involved in the interaction of a total of 504043 effectively, enhance the influence of the activities, has far-reaching social significance. carefully prepared Xining traffic radio, 7:30 in the morning, more than 20 participating in the activities of the "1043 love team members drove their car, carrying by Xining traffic radio donations more than 21000 yuan worth of aid materials, respectively, to the east of Datong County Primary School Kangle Xia Zhen Hong Ya Zi Gou and Huzhu County Dongshan garcke primary school. 9 in the morning, all the children of the two primary school (more than 170) everyone received a special children’s Day gift bag, and learning supplies, two schools also added a basketball, football and badminton, a number of sports goods. After student supplies out, "1043 love team" players are equipped with two schools with a total of 36 left-behind children and 4 long-term work in the mountainous area basic education teacher to the city of Xining, visited the memorial Chinese Red Army West army and the Qinghai province science and Technology Museum, to the students effect of patriotism education and science education, greatly arouse the enthusiasm of the students learning, enhance the love of home students. At 8 in the evening, the hosts of the Xining traffic radio and the teachers of the love team returned their teachers and classmates to their respective schools. Xining traffic radio on the day of the day of the activities of the multi frequency connection reports, Xining TV station zero distance of its full tracking report. The success of activities, not only for the mountain left-behind children sent a special children’s Day gift, but also through the propaganda, improve the enthusiasm of public participation in public activities, for the city to create a national civilized city has played a positive role in promoting, and achieved good social benefits.  

Invest in cosmetics stores to grasp what shopping guide knowledge

cosmetics is what every woman will use, it is to help them get the charm of the main tools. At the moment, more entrepreneurs are going to invest in a cosmetics store, but in the shop, we are often very confused. You know, in order to really make money, you have to master more knowledge of shopping guide, which is very important. So, to invest in cosmetics stores to master what shopping guide knowledge? The following is an analysis of. cosmetics store shopping guide must know its product specifications, function, manufacturers, certification standards and so on in line with what the knowledge product is make money with your weapon, want to grasp the good will have a deep understanding of it. followed by the knowledge of the store, the store staff need to fully grasp the knowledge of the store, including the layout of the store, where the cashier, is not a credit card, invoicing in what place, etc.. If you encounter this clerk is not clear, we will generally go a lot of injustice, tired, but also can not find, it is inevitable to complain about the mall, or even give up shopping. is an excellent guide to the psychology of consumers must understand the customer psychology, is actually the sales staff to understand "why does the customer want to buy your goods, not to buy goods other people" the golden key. Grasp the customer’s psychology, master the way to deal with a variety of customers. cosmetics store shopping guide the lack of professional knowledge is very terrible, the sales staff will be in the counter or the store, consumers will want to understand the competitive product features enumerated apart, plus in-depth analysis, sometimes can let customers buy our goods to decide on the spot. Don’t say "don’t know", you say "don’t know", give the consumer a chance to go to another house. entrepreneurs, now open a cosmetics store, the market demand, make money more promising. Investment cosmetics store to master what shopping guide knowledge? In addition to the above mentioned these, we still have a lot of problems, in peacetime must go to the accumulation of knowledge, for in store shopping, must have a good training, let them succeed a qualified consultant. For these, now everyone is clear? related recommendations

City Seismological Bureau workers went to Changsha to participate in the national earthquake disaste

November to 20, 2009, China Earthquake Disaster Prevention Center in Hunan, Changsha province held the national earthquake disaster reduction science education training courses, the provincial and Municipal Seismological Bureau, a total of more than 110 representatives to participate in training 11 month 13 to 20, China Earthquake Disaster Prevention Center in Hunan, Changsha province held the national earthquake disaster reduction science education training courses, the provincial and Municipal Seismological Bureau, a total of more than 110 representatives to participate in training. I have 3 comrades to participate in training and obtain a certificate of completion. training invitation China science popularization Research Institute, China Earthquake Administration Education Center experts lectures, the content includes "propaganda of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction knowledge, according to the law science communication method, science courseware, modern techniques such as theoretical knowledge and practical skills. training process, representatives of provincial and Municipal Seismological Bureau also conducted group discussions, in-depth exchanges and discussions on how to do the work of earthquake disaster mitigation science education, put forward a lot of experience and practice worth learning and innovative views. Part of the provincial and Municipal Seismological Bureau also introduced the experience and results in the training class. this training not only made me learn a lot of knowledge of science popularization, but also broaden the way to carry out the work of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction work. We will learn the lessons learned and innovation into the work of the future, to further improve the city’s earthquake disaster reduction knowledge popularization and education of science and education, and comprehensively enhance the city’s awareness of earthquake prevention and mitigation.    

Xining City West District college graduates employment service recruitment

August 21st morning, the West District in 2012 college graduates employment service recruitment will be held as scheduled, from the job fair to see the scene, the popular industry is overcrowded, unpopular industry is still no one cares. it is understood that, in order to do a good job in the employment of college graduates entrepreneurial services, the West District in the service mode for a useful exploration. With the jurisdiction of the more than and 40 companies to establish QQ service group, to promote the employment information and job information timely docking. In the course of College Students’ entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship training module is added, so that they can not only be familiar with some of the entrepreneurial knowledge, but also get the post training in the process. the same day, according to the Western District Employment Department, the heat to avoid cold is a lot of job seekers mindset. Many college students desperately chase those already hot but very limited jobs, and some front-line operators, technical workers and other unpopular industries can provide multiple jobs are often no one cares. A lot of recruitment units have said that the choice is not necessarily not a good future professional prospects, it may be hidden gold career. A business manager told reporters: popular industry also has a popular position, while the unpopular industry also has a popular position, the industry outlook is not equal to the career prospects, I hope college students do not be too blind." the same day, a total of 25 home units to participate in the on-site recruitment, providing jobs in the 163, the recruitment of a successful 23. (author: Tang Rong)  

Seven people’s livelihood measures to benefit people

People’s livelihood is the economic development of the compass". This year to the city’s urban and rural residents per capita income grew by 9.2%, respectively, this year, with the goal of improving people’s livelihood unchanged, the investment is not reduced, continued to protect and improve people’s livelihood is inseparable from the 8.8%. This year, the increase in employment, strengthen the people’s livelihood policy implementation, accelerate housing construction and promote social and livelihood projects and other seven livelihood aspects of the comprehensive measures, the city’s people’s livelihood has become an important bargaining chip market stability.

Urban water pricing system to be built next year

In July 1st, the reporter learned from the provincial development and Reform Commission was informed that the day before, the Joint Committee of the Provincial Department of housing and urban forwarding state on accelerating the establishment of circular guidance system of urban water price ladder, requirements across the province in strict accordance with the national requirements, accelerate the establishment of urban water price ladder system, all cities and towns to establish a price ladder system in before the end of 2015, where the future of urban residents of urban water price adjustment should be set up around the price ladder system, to set up the price ladder system in the region before the end of July schedule. circular requires careful study of the development of the region around the ladder of water pricing system program, based on sufficient statistics, based on the calculation of the ladder to determine the amount of water, water prices, measurement cycle. Among them, the first price ladder by not more than $table to determine the user tariff standards, the family should be appropriate to increase the quantity of population, low income households to a certain number of credits or increase the amount of water subsidies is determined according to the actual situation. at the same time, the water price system around the program in strict accordance with the legal procedures for hearings, the price of urban water supply needs to be adjusted, can be a hearing, but should be separated from the price ladder system, combined with the promotion. in addition, we should actively promote the transformation of urban residents water meter. All localities should apply through the national project funds and local financial investment to accelerate the transformation of the family table, the implementation of the price ladder system is mainly used to solve the water after the income part of the family table transformation costs, households table transformation, operation and maintenance costs can be included in the cost price; housing and urban construction departments should strictly enforce the new residential water from households, for establish and improve the price ladder system to create favorable conditions.  

The province held a successful meeting with the Yangtze River Industrial Fund Exchange

9 26, 2009, the province and the Yangtze River in Hubei Province Industrial Fund butt exchange will be held successfully in Xining. The two sides on investment funds and industrial cooperation and other related matters to conduct in-depth exchanges. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng attended the meeting and delivered a speech. At the meeting, Wang Guosheng, Secretary of the Yangtze River economic belt industrial fund cooperation delegation, said his party welcomed the . He pointed out that the "13th Five-Year" period, in the further implementation of the national "The Belt and Road", to create a comprehensive open cooperation pattern and other major strategy under the guidance of the economic and social development of Qinghai usher in a major opportunity, a number of industrial advantage and innovation advantage of enterprises rapid growth, investment and financing market is very broad. He stressed that the Hubei Province can hope the youth two to the visit as an opportunity to open the door to cooperation, to promote industrial development fund, gathering more talent, capital and technology to Qinghai, Qinghai economic transformation and upgrading more support, realize win-win cooperation in two provinces. this exchange will be divided into four topics: new energy, new materials, recycling economy, fund management, bio medicine, tourism culture. At the meeting, the province and the Hubei provincial delegation conducted a positive interaction, and in the fund investment, Tibetan medicine, biotechnology, tourism development and other areas of cooperation. At the same time, the state government and the Grammy Limited by Share Ltd signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. from the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial science and Technology Department, provincial economic and Information Commission, the Provincial Department of finance, Provincial Tourism Commission, the provincial finance office and other relevant government departments responsible person, Haixi state and province government guide fund, the Qaidam circular economy pilot zone related business representatives, a total of more than 200 people attended the event.  

Xining disabled car free parking

in August 20th, the Xining municipal government issued a notice on the issue of free parking for disabled vehicles. the "notice" provisions, the public parking lot shall be set up parking spaces for the disabled disabled only, I hold the disabled card, driving license and vehicle driving license, driving his vehicle in the city’s public transport, parking lot, parking fees shall be exempted. (author: Yang Jian)

Xining City Bureau of Education held a summary of the city’s enrollment work

December 15th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Education held a summary of the work of the city’s enrollment, in the recruitment of students in the examination of the work of the emergence of advanced collectives and individuals in recognition of the 2009. General Assembly in Xining in recent years to review the work of summing up, and put forward the idea of enrollment examination. Requirements at all levels of leadership and staff recruitment in front of Xining City, attaches great importance to the security and confidentiality of the examination, serious kaofengkaoji, standardized examination management, continue to increase the city college entrance qualification examination. At the meeting, awarded the Xining tiger Taiwan High School and other 10 units as the Xining advanced student enrollment exam honorary title, awarded Liu Ran and other comrades of the Xining entrance examination work advanced individual honorary title. it is understood that for the 2010 college entrance examination enrollment work, resolutely blocking the entrance of migrants, since December 1st, Xining city Zhaoban in 2010 the university entrance exam qualification review work, effective measures. A school is responsible for the high school graduates examination work; two is responsible for the review of admissions counties graduates and students back to Ning examination work; three is the business license registration examination candidates and their parents in Xining city manages the organization, by the district Zhaoban will get unified household registration and business license of the Xining municipal Public Security Bureau, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau in order to improve the authenticity of audit qualification; four is in the review and investigation by the discipline inspection departments responsible for supervision; five is to review the list of qualified candidates in the class school posted, strengthen supervision, increase the sealing force of migration for the college entrance examination.  

Small loans to promote employment of 13520 people

for the entrepreneurs, the shortage of funds is the biggest problem facing them, therefore, our human resources and Social Security Bureau on simplifying the loan process, shorten the loan period at the same time, bold innovation, to provide guarantee let love hand large enterprises small businesses, the counter guarantee breakthrough bottleneck, a series of innovative initiatives to make small loans to me 13520 people in employment.

Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics actively participate in the celebration of 51 and greet the 90

April 27-29, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics on behalf of the team to participate in the celebration of 51 and greet the 90 anniversary of the establishment of the municipal authorities table tennis competition 4 month 27-29 day, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics on behalf of the team to participate in the celebration of 51 and greet the 90 anniversary of the establishment of the municipal authorities table tennis competition. This contest jointly hosted by the municipal authorities working committee and the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau, the object of the game is to implement the State Council promulgated the "national fitness regulations", rich staff municipal cadres of the cultural and sports life, enhance the physical quality of cadres of workers. Municipal Bureau of statistics received a positive response after the game, and actively apply for the game to do the necessary pre match preparation. They carefully selected 11 people, which bring together a combination of team. After all, the last Comrade Zhang Mengxia made women above 45 years old group second, comrade Duan Guorong made men under the age of 50, third, comrade Li Fenren won the "sportsmanship Award" achievement. in the game, the city Bureau of statistics athletes showed good competitive state, their games to play, never give up, embodies the tenacious struggle and enterprising spirit of sports. In the course of the game, they strictly abide by the rules of the game, obey the organizing committee arrangements, listen to the referee’s ruling, respect for opponents, showing a higher overall quality. After the game, they and the opponent on the field of cordial conversation, learn skills, exchange of feelings, from the field of opponents become friends. By participating in the table tennis competition, the city Bureau of statistics training team, training the new, but also enhance the friendship with other departments.