Founded in Henan, Zhengzhou’s first venture capital market Services Association

management activities to promote not only rely on government guidance, but also on the industry self, through joint development, healthy development pattern of the formation of the government, industry and enterprise three party cooperation. Zhengzhou city recently launched the first social management service organization in Henan. 11 20, Zhengzhou innovation and entrepreneurship Market Service Association inaugural meeting and the first General Assembly held in Zhengzhou. The association is the first registered in the Civil Affairs Department approved the management service organization.

Novice to do micro business start is the key

now more and more people taking the road to business micro, micro business quality, so that consumers can more trust, also can bring profits for entrepreneurs nowadays, the development speed of micro agents is far beyond people’s imagination, for businesses is an attractive blue sea, but not every everyone can become a good micro business. For the novice, we must pay attention to draw on the experience of the predecessors, the following small series for you to introduce the new micro business agent business tips. A, should have strong connections to The main carrier is WeChat and

Girls shop what the most profitable small series to comment

now has a lot of social entrepreneurship in the preparation of women often will choose to open a store at the same time, women in the open shop there are many aspects of attention, especially for the choice of shops. girls what shop the most money? Can let you easily earn 2-3 million a month, what is the secret. Girls open what shop the most profitable? If you have a good store project, you decide how to choose? What store the most profitable girl to look at the following how to make money shop, is not your favorite.

Floor business should do to solve the problem

a lot of people are very optimistic about the home industry in the hot industry, some investors have chosen to do the floor business, brand floor chain stores for many entrepreneurs is a good choice to start making money. Want to brand floor stores to choose a good location is the need to master certain method. The size of brand floor stores you can according to your business to brand floor types to choose, and you open the brand floor chain store how much capital and brand chain stores around the floor of the surrounding environment. This time your brand floor chain brand brand floor chain size is also a good choice. in business, in a street or some place, centralized operation the same brand floor, its product variety Qi, perfect auxiliary service features, can attract a large number of our customers. " peer intensive customers prefer to " this is the old business. Stream of people to attract people, business to attract business, business people do, in order to create a party prosperity.

Join the old Jiafang Valley Jianbao good project – rich business

our hot topic, nothing more than what we should eat in the morning? What is the most nutritious food? So, today Xiaobian to recommend how old Jiafang Valley fried dumplings? High quality food, first-class quality. Small business choose to join the valley Jiafang old fried dumplings, is the election of the! Valley Jiafang old fried dumplings join, produced soon turned Taiwan quickly, make money fast: Zuzhuanmifang, three product lines, ten characteristics, varieties, quick service, namely to eat and go, turn sets the rate high, cost recovery quickly. Gu Jiafang old fried dumplings to join, variety, taste, consumer groups are: after painstaking exploration, technology research and development, the success of "eight cuisine local snacks snacks will be allowed", a great variety and not chaos, taste of high parity. Valley Jiafang old fried dumplings and common Jianbao PK, has numerous advantages. The traditional ordinary Jianbao: general taste, and not enough material, poor workmanship, taste fresh, greasy, the price is too high, eating after frowning. The old Jiafang Gu Jianbao, hundred years of heritage craft, divided into two meat stuffing. And the surface, filling, rolling, coating, fried and other pure Handmade, go. Cover the pan, reeky, sizzling, yellow and bright, with fragrance. Take a bite, unable to stop, even eat 35, eat more addictive. how old Jiafang Valley fried dumplings? Join the old Jiafang Valley Jianbao good? In our life, in addition to the choice of a good project, we also need to know whether the market is really good business opportunities. So, for small business for you, choose to join the old Valley Jiafang Jianbao project, is a successful business choice!

Tushide 3D ready to join high quality all-round personality how – net

3D Tushide personality ready? High quality entrepreneurial projects. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the 3D Tushide personality ready project, open their own personality Tushide 3D integrated stores, the shop is made! 3D series of products in the Tushide personality ready to avoid the traditional wallpaper easy to Alice, seams, and construction of the two complex will mildew and other unfavorable factors at the same time, also has no pollution, anti-oxidation, anti-aging and other new features. Long service life, convenient for two times. Tushide products have different functions, can be waterproof, breathable strong anti pollution, air purification, in addition to reducing formaldehyde, benzene release negative ions, mouldproof antibacterial, super scrub…… Together to build China’s ecological home. Tushide variety of colors, with professional color, color range. A wide range of products can be used with a variety of styles, thousands of changes for the selection, no matter what aesthetic orientation can be satisfied with the adaptation. A wide range of applications, large hotels, office buildings, hotels, small to thousands of households, multi-directional multi-level can apply. 2017 years, entrepreneurship to point is not the same. Tushide 3D ready to join the project personality choice, worthy of our choice, we should join! If you are also very exciting. So, as soon as possible to leave a message! Come and join us!

Bo Yang business headquarter to support multi – baby

want to start a successful business franchisee, to join the project will choose to have something to choose the brand to join the project. In fact, the Bo baby home textiles to join the project, is a very good business to join a good project! Bo baby home textile? Not only has a high popularity, welcomed by consumers. Join the treasure baby home textile projects, or the best choice for entrepreneurship! 1, advertising support: the extension of the advertising support, given the appropriate proportion of advertising costs to support. 2. Market Analysis Guide: to join the new customers, field market research, store lot evaluation, market competition environment and a series of feasibility analysis to ensure that the brand successy introduced into the market. 3, image design support: the company for the franchise / cabinet free image, display and other professional design and supervision in place. When the season, the company has supervision and guidance to local seasonal adjustment of the window display. 4, training support: the company can provide effective early and regular training as the business skills, sales skills and product knowledge, reception hall art layout, market forecast, financial management etc.. Bo baby home textile to make money? 5, logistics support: the company provides logistics and distribution services to ensure fast and efficient realization of the goods, to meet the market demand for goods. 6, long-term effective marketing guidance: the company will send professional marketing staff for the customer marketing diagnosis, timely adjustment of marketing strategies to ensure the healthy operation of the franchise. 7: overall planning and promotion planning company propaganda; the annual implementation of national large-scale promotional activities to enhance brand awareness, expand market share; the company provides large-scale promotional activities required to display; to hold activities in the region, the company will send a good manager to participate in friendship support around. Promotional items are designed and produced by the company. Cosplay props support. information sharing support: the company to ensure that the first time the company’s internal information sharing with customers in order to adjust the market strategy in a timely manner. 8, inventory, cargo handling: the backlog of bad inventory to customers, the company in a timely manner through a variety of programs to help customers reduce pressure, or direct cargo handling, to ensure the healthy operation of the store. 9, incentive mechanism: according to the completion of the number of indicators, to provide rebates and quarterly incentives. 10. club support: Bo baby members can enjoy the Bo Baby Club live

The cloth fabric stores how to better display the store style

decorative products can better dress up at home, now people are hoping to their home to create more beautiful cloth fabric is a family of products needed in recent years, cloth fabric demand increased significantly, the rapid development of the market, some entrepreneurs choose cloth fabric stores, entrepreneurs in cloth fabric stores, how to display cloth fabric stores? The following small for entrepreneurs to answer, hoping to help you. entrepreneurs want to fabric industry in the cloth market for good development, in the open when the cloth fabric stores when they should focus on the store image display, do very important work in the daily operation of the display, store operations in preparation. Display need to master some skills, generally speaking, fabric fabric store display method of the correct use, not only can drive the store sales, but also for the development of business entrepreneurs have great help. fabric fabric stores in the early opening of the promotional program, it must be carey planned before opening. A campaign plan is through the franchise business policy setting, and cooperate with business strategies, all the activities carried out in front of the shop, so the campaign includes shop with the date, the theme of propaganda, propaganda slogans, publicity, publicity period focus, planning activities, media use and sell products, to create a new the image of the store. in cloth fabric stores in the window, we made a lot of lovely theme display image, the purpose is to let every one through the window before people can get a feeling of joy in this magical franchise called windows. For the franchise, the emergence of mass media, and did not weaken the window advertising, to attract customers, but did not replace the extent of. Fabric fabric shop facade as important as the face of the people, as part of the image of its outstanding performance, must be in place. We show the design requirements in considering the operation of products and customer characteristics of the situation, deliberately innovation, and strive to make customers have a good impression, that is to say not only have the spirit of beauty, but also meet the requirements of people in reality. enterprise can select items are many, if Xiao Bian said that the industry is still very promising market, we must try to start cloth fabric stores, want to in the fierce competition in the market to attract the attention of consumers, show the entrepreneur must do, through the above about the cloth fabric stores display method, you should understand how to properly display cloth fabric stores it, hope that through reading this paper, can help you better. related recommendations

How to join Barcelona Nina steak buffet

western style steak has been defined as high-end consumer goods in China, but also a place where people can bring romantic feelings. Barcelona as enjoy the romantic steak buffet high-end steak restaurant is a delicacy, many consumers love to the very place, where you can enjoy a romantic, can enjoy the aristocratic life, now, as the western fast food delicacy Barcelona steak buffet, China into the catering market, leading a series of extremely delicious exotic western feast. Barcelona steak with European Alps buffet of noble descent, had come to China, traditional standards in the selection, taste, craft stick to Medjev, the same taste, the same feeling, presented to consumers incomparable taste. Barcelona steak buffet let Chinese people stay at home, you can enjoy the exotic steak from a foreign country. Taste once, you can make the consumer’s tongue fell in love with delicious, memorable. How to join Barcelona Nina steak buffet? Barcelona to join Nina steak Buffet Barcelona Nina steak joining conditions: 1, investors have the ability to act independently, hard-working, good moral character, honest and trustworthy citizens. 2, brand culture, business philosophy and cooperation. 3, investors love the industry, and have a firm conviction and of enthusiasm for this struggle. 4, have certain management ability and financial strength. 5, accept the headquarters unified management, willing to work together to maintain brand image. 6, with good sense of cooperation, good business reputation. 7, with a certain degree of market sensitivity, and can be put into operation. Barcelona Nina steak joining process: 1, visit Barcelona Nina China steak headquarters and office and workshop, also can by telephone, mobile phone SMS, Email or online consult way intention to consult, be sure to carey browse the website and Barcelona Barcelona Nina steak Nina steak manual. 2, joined the business to determine the intention to invest in entrepreneurship, entered the intention to negotiate stage. 3, after detailed negotiations, to join Barcelona Nina Steak "signed a letter of intent" to join the headquarters, with assistance from Barcelona Nina steak HQ, into the store location stage, including environmental assessment, evaluation, assessment of three District stores. >

Guojianglong to ask for details Hot pot

for the Hot pot in the well-known brands Guojianglong Hot pot, many franchisees have many questions on it, we especially on some specific issues make the following introduction, hope to bring some help to the majority of investors. , how to join the Guojianglong Hot pot? answer: you can use the Guojianglong Hot pot company website, local stores and telephone consultation, a preliminary understanding of on-the-spot investigation, and the headquarters of Jianglong Guojianglong Hot pot taste products and then detailed exchanges reached the intention to join, implement the store to sign the "franchise contract" and the annex to the contract to dispatch, start the follow-up support team support two, Guojianglong Hot pot what conditions? What are the requirements to join ? : a unit or individual with independent civil capacity; have a certain economic strength; it is suitable for the shops; has certain commercial consciousness and service consciousness; the dedicated catering industry; the identity of Jiang Long and the future prospects of the business philosophy, is willing to accept the Jiang Long headquarters of the unified management the local good social relations. three, Guojianglong Hot pot what is the cost of joining? By what part? How about you ? answer: join the fee according to the size of the store you open, the location of the location of the actual situation to decide. Because we have joined the A, B, C three levels, the level is based on the above two to comprehensive evaluation. Business location, different levels of the fees, total investment is different, you can according to their own economic situation and to choose the area where the shop level, the company will give help and appropriate suggestions according to your situation. we suggest that: in order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your investment, you should go to the company’s headquarters to conduct on-site visits, to fully understand the company’s relevant conditions and join the process, understand the company’s background and strength. Backed by a good shade tree, why can a corporation will make the brand bigger and products?? because it has all kinds of professional technical and human resources! If you join a small unknown company, which day if headquarters are gone, your investment can not make sense? We recommend ask more, and see more and more, in order to reduce the investment risk! And we can communicate with, and introduce you to all you want to know. Just think: the failure of many investors, because they do not understand the product and the market, can not fully understand the investment projects caused by. Why is reluctant to spend a few days to visit? False to join the brand, the phone is blown again as if it were raining flowers also stand up, your visit to former franchisees and the actual situation of understanding. When you really know us and our business ideas


Telltale Games今天宣布行尸走肉第二季的PS Vita的发布。 行尸走肉第二季将可用于索尼的手持设备上4月22日。 剧集将售价3.99每个。也会有一个赛季通行证给球员,这将给20%的折扣相比,购买单独 发作。 有五集的两个季节。一定要让我们知道,如果你要购买它在PS Vita通过下面的评论部分。 来源:CVG 非常大的做得好,10岁的Jack Hillery今天,万代南梦宫已经透露他最新的项目 汽车比赛的优胜者。 随着探索学习和赛车手Nicolas Hamilton的专长,杰克被选为优胜者从惊人的8000参赛作品,所有未来的汽车未来的设计。Lee Kirton,在万代游戏娱乐公关和营销总监说: 我们高兴团队与探索学习对未来的汽车。梦想、乐趣和灵感是游戏的全部内容。这不可能在儿童设计更加明显,标准很高但尼古拉斯当然选择好的,如杰克的人才真正闪耀着他的深思熟虑和引人注目的设计。 Nicolas Hamilton也是冠军在他自己的权利。尽管他的脑瘫,尼古拉斯的野心,成为世界上顶尖的赛车手没有减弱。这种坚韧导致他很成功,他将成为第一个参加邓禄普MSA贵族宝贝房车锦标赛残疾人的竞争对手,前国家赛车系列在贵族宝贝。谈到杰克的获奖作品,他说: 我真的 参赛标准印象深刻,后面的未来设计汽车的想象。但杰克的站在我面前,不仅看起来很好,但他是非常有创意的汽车如何运行,甚至它将如何弯道转弯!有如此大的关注细节,这就是为什么他是我 赢家 亚军在内吗Peter Ioannou,Sahab Singh,Aneeq Shaikh,Sante Rusu和Jethan Smith,他们都赢得了自己一袋万代游戏糖果。最后,Carey Ann Dodah,头的课程在探索学习点评: 我们的成员真的爱探索赛车的未来会是什么样子。我们有一个令人难以置信的反应和设计真正说明了他们的努力和多少想法,他们把它。真高兴看到孩子们不仅有艺术创造力,而且还非常关心他们的汽车如何运作。我们的成员都很兴奋去和尼古拉斯见面,他是这样一个伟大的榜样,为我们的年轻成员。 请加入我们祝杰克热烈祝贺通过下面的评论部分。


万代南梦宫今天透露新的细节,为即将到来的比赛冠军, 工程车。 他们宣布四个新的曲目将包括在工程车。这些措施包括: 索诺玛赛道 索诺玛赛道(原英飞凌赛道)是一个丘陵路历程和阻力带位于加利福尼亚。沃特金斯格伦国际孪生(也在工程车)作为主机的纳斯卡斯普林特杯系列将在四轮和两个其他许多公司经常使用。 斯帕赛道 回到一级方程式大奖赛,24h耐力赛,和许多更多,著名的电路有许多布局的变化自1920以来虽然臭名昭著的平了Eau Rouge已经在很大程度上保持不变,使得今天的最快和最激动人心的一 轨道赛车。 布尔诺 开在1987,较新的布尔诺赛道已经举办了世界跑车锦标赛、A1大奖赛,和捷克摩托车大奖赛。 柳泉国际赛车公园 用起泡的单圈时间仅为1分钟6秒的传奇车手Michael Andretti举行的9-turn轨道是最古老的永久性道路的过程与在上海龙凤的高程变化和高平均速度使它成为最受球迷 司机。 一定要让我们知道,在轨道上方通过下面的评论部分你的思想。 未知的成功 以下前身的惊人的成功的关键,可以说,Nathan Drake的冒险故事的最新一章是迄今为止最受期待。在年底的游戏疯狂的释放,有顽皮的狗设法提高酒吧的行动冒险类型再次,或是未知的3试图欺骗我们所有读下去。 游戏:神秘海域3:德雷克的欺骗 开发商:顽皮狗 出版商:索尼电脑娱乐 审查: 审查包含关系到未知的3层没有破坏者。 故事 Nathan Drake,再一次,球队与他的朋友和导师Victor Sullivan(又名萨利),当他们踏上一段史诗般的旅程,去寻找“亚特兰蒂斯的金沙”,一个失落的城市不可估量的财富。然而,在典型的未知的方式,他们的搜索是任何东西,但容易。这是一个秘密组织,由狡猾的Katherine Marlowe也在寻找,而且他们准备好做任何事都要先到那里。不进入扰流板领土当你从一个位置移动到另一个位置时,故事就变得越来越好。从开始到结束,你会经历各种不同的情绪,并真诚地希望看到接下来会发生什么。这是一个惊人的,电影的过山车,这是 熟练的节奏。 的故事虽然是一样好,如果不是充满了伟大的人物有一点空,3有很多未知。德雷克和Sully是他们一贯的迷人的自我,是吗毫无疑问演出的明星,但配角也不错。你会认出几张旧面孔,但为了保持新鲜,一些新的。人物之间的互动增加了一层深度已经是一个梦幻般的故事,它是如此难以置信的可信。如果有任何疑问之前,神秘海域3更确定了在顽皮狗团队是视频游戏相关的讲故事的大师。 图形 同时飞跃不是作为一个移动的时候从原来的未知其辉煌的续集一样大,顽皮狗已经调整和细化系列中的第三项的地步,这简直是最好看的游戏周边。无论是照明或人物模型,你会不断地敬畏你的眼睛是亲眼目睹你的进步通过运动。有时你会离开德雷克站着,这样你就可以镜头在让人叹为观止的视觉效果。 动画也获得了一些关注,并代表一个显着的改善对未知的2。你会注意到更多吗华丽的人物动作,是最打动人的小细节。例如,德雷克的方式移动他的手臂走密切过去墙,或厚脸皮的傻笑在他的脸上,他用爱的兴趣,埃琳娜。扩大后者,面部动画在未知的3只是令人难以置信。他们如此逼真地刻画每一个人物的情感。事实上,有时,即使一个字不可能说,你能准确的说出他们的感觉如何通过简单地看他们的脸。 声音 很像的视觉效果,未知3闪耀如此明亮的音响前。从史诗管弦乐在定位球的忧郁的色调,伴随着激动人心的时刻片,配乐的赞美的屏幕上的动作非常好。 然而,的音频节目的明星无疑是配音。诺兰诺斯,再次,高超的德雷克,其余的演员做一个了不起的工作太。无论是认真的还是搞笑,对话的交付每线竭诚可信,让人物自己感到更有活力。 游戏 先前未知的游戏是建立在伟大的定位球,和最新的项目是没有什么不同。惊人的,令人兴奋,肾上腺素抽水;你会发现很难不陷入每一片欢呼像潜鸟一旦你做。由于陈词滥调,听起来,好像你已经变成了一部动作大片的电影,而你是英雄。这是一种感觉,其他大多数游戏只能梦想的复制,但未知的3是相当容易的。 定位球之外,游戏是一个基于覆盖的第三人称射击游戏的心,具有特定的部门太。顽皮的狗已经精炼已经优秀的机械到点,你会真正期待你的下一次与敌人相遇,只是让你分享泵他们充满虚拟铅。你会有足够的武器来做这一点,因为顽皮的狗已经提高了总人数。整个比赛过程中,你可能会使用其中的大部分,但一段时间后,你会最终解决几大热门。 盖仍然扮演着重要的角色在行动,和作品真的很好,但蹲墙或另一部分的后面环境不保证安全。这部分归功于敌人AI的改进,但主要是因为现在的掩护非常有活力。无论是被击落或移动,在大多数情况下,你会发现,留在一个封面是不是一个好主意。这并不是说你会像一头无头的鸡一样在不断地移动,远离它。你要明智地选择你的封面,并选择合适的时机进入另一个。 而未知的3还射手方面没有大幅改变,肉搏战斗确实改变了不少。顽皮狗已经从精彩的蝙蝠侠:阿卡姆疯人院的灵感,并推出了一个系统,更容易理解。虽然战斗不如阿卡姆庇护抛光,感觉对世界范围内的未知。他是那么迷人,德雷克不是一个微调的战斗机器,这是体现真的通过崎岖不平的 战斗的感觉。 就像前两场,行动是打破经常困惑,和未知的3无疑可以主张在系列迄今为止最好的。由于你的可靠的杂志,大部分的难题不会测试灰质太多,但有少数,你会留下你挠你的头。你会认为你已经考虑了所有可能的选择,但突然你会有一个“灯泡时刻”,跌跌撞撞的解决方案,感到极大的满足感。这是一个精心设计的游戏的标志,和未知的3肯定有一些 在游戏的弓最终的字符串是在重整形式。多亏了令人难以置信的动画,从知识到知识(或平台)是如拿下敌人一个适时的爆头。说到爆头,平台也发挥了很大一部分未知的3战斗中。你不仅参与枪战在地面上,你的敌人中穿越过。事实上,垂直的枪战,几乎像迷你定位球。你会感到肾上腺素泵,因为你移动从窗台到窗台,试图拿出敌人,因为他们拍摄你从上方,下方或你的身边只有轻微伤(这可能会激怒一些人)来更加疯狂的重整部分时,你可能会发现自己陷入厄运几次。然而,更多的时候,这会发生当你按下跳转按钮有点太早。不像一个同类大部分游戏,在未知的3款保留技能元素而不是自动的,这是应该鼓掌,庆祝甚至 长寿。 在普通难度,单人战役将带你与任何完成10-12小时。然而,不论是收集失踪宝藏或更高难度的精彩体验,你肯定会想通过运动, 含量在未知的3并没有结束与单人战役虽然不是由一个长镜头。在你完成了德雷克的史诗冒险,你可以深入到网上竞争的多人或团队与一个朋友,并试图完成一些合作任务(离线或在线)。当然,合作社的任务可能缺乏自己的单人同行的魅力,但这并不是说他们不好玩。事实上,公平地说,他们比大多数的游戏,合作的内容是主菜。 在线多人游戏,神秘海域3将获得其真正的持久力,多亏了它的整体质量,它肯定有一个战斗的机会。顽皮的狗不仅关注游戏中的单人游戏,而且他们给了在线多人游戏的开发时间。在大多数情况下,良好的在线多人游戏是一个扩展的单人播放器的内容,这是肯定的情况下。难以置信的玩法是备份的几种模式和升级,以及独特的功能,如宝集和权力发挥,始终保持比赛的竞争力。如果你喜欢单人游戏,而且有时间去投资,然后在线上3多人是绝对值得一看。 判决 未知的3是从一个开发者,现在是在一个与动作冒险类型游戏的设计和讲故事的大师。游戏的每一个方面都很熟练地制作并放在一起,要找到一个明显的错误是很难的。 单人战役本身就是一个令人难以置信的成就,从开始到结束,一个惊人的经验。然而,当你因素多和有趣的合作模式任务深在线,神秘海域3不仅是你会玩今年最好的一场,这是这一代的句号最好的游戏。 10 / 10


厌倦了看到你的复制品埃菲尔铁塔?太多的J’aime巴黎磁铁钉在你的冰箱里?然后,不要害怕,因为最新的趋势,旅游纪念品从法国首都的可能只是你的鹅卵石街道。 Versailles、巴黎、法国形象的教育图像/ UIG通过盖蒂图片社 一企业家头脑的商人,玛歌圣瘟,已经开始从城市的维修厂购买废弃的鹅卵石,抛起来,手画自己的设计上。自推出以来,Sainte Lague已经售出了超过100的鹅卵石遍布全球,包括美国和中国。 她的公司,一为Parisien,目前提供了三种类型的鹅卵石设计:一个画完全在金;另一个写着“一铺é;Parisien(我的巴黎鹅卵石”;三分之一画的口号是“苏莱铺é;S砂粘在底部。第三是一个点头,示威者投掷鹅卵石在警察和1968暴动,发现沙子下面的岩石,他们创造了一个短语“苏莱铺é;S、La Plage”(小于鹅卵石,海滩。价格从60€鹅卵石范围重1.1公斤和2.7公斤之间,所以如果你要买一个,确保你有在您的行李箱空间。 两个新的公共图书馆正在芬兰和挪威建造,他们很可能在完成后画出家庭和游客。赫尔辛基图书馆将开放KNNs 2018和奥斯陆DEICHMAN图书馆是由于在2019开始运作,和图书馆将公共空间和文化中心。 新Deichman图书馆。图片:奥斯陆奥运者伦德·哈格姆Arkitekter工作室 赫尔辛基图书馆是由ALA建筑师设计的,它将有一个3D打印机,一个电影院和一个音乐录音棚。它的顶层将两旁树木,它将建在TL。湾的KNNs赫尔辛基图书馆。图片:ALA建筑师 奥斯陆建筑将成为欧洲最现代化的图书馆北京Ø;rvika。除了其丰富的藏书的图书馆,DEICHMAN将包括电影院、媒体研讨会,游戏区、休息室和餐厅。 的KNNs赫尔辛基图书馆。图片:ALA建筑师 图书馆被设计由Lund Hagem建筑师在奥斯陆合作工作室心目中的可持续发展。它的门面正在建立从材料,确保最小的热损失。 的KNNs赫尔辛基图书馆。图片:ALA建筑师 天黑后,该建筑将辉光和改变其外观为各种不同的活动和内发生的事件的反思。 一个独特的项目 图书馆将馆藏是100年的艺术项目,被称为未来的图书馆,已由苏格兰艺术家Katie Paterson设想。这个想法是,100的手稿将被写在100年使用专用的松木林外奥斯陆树。 新Deichman图书馆。图片:奥斯陆奥运者伦德·哈格姆Arkitekter工作室 一将每年增加,他们仍将发表在图书馆中的一个特殊的房间前2114年。第一稿是由诺贝尔奖获得者Margaret Atwood写的。 新Deichman图书馆。图片:奥斯陆奥运者伦德·哈格姆Arkitekter工作室 如果这些北欧图书馆前进,看来要去图书馆只借一本书的日子是在我们后面。


去年夏天,纽约迎来了一个弹出式博物馆致力于冰淇淋,卖了30000张票在一个促使大量羡慕诱导的Instagram的照片。22四月,冰淇淋博物馆将再次开门,这次在洛杉矶市中心。 甜你每天糖分的博物馆。博物馆的冰淇淋图片 所有冰淇淋痴迷的场所在地,为什么是LA?“它选择了我,”博物馆的创建者Maryellis Bunn告诉孤独星球。“我来自加利福尼亚,说服我离开纽约的冬天并不难。我们的统计数据显示,LA是我们的第二大市场。当所有的迹象都指向西方我打包一个箱子跳上飞机。” 后的冰淇淋馆共享museumoficecream在11:41am PST 2017年3月11日 而纽约 让游客食用,氦气球和一个冰淇淋勺跷跷板,西海岸对应将比其前任更大四倍,有十个完全新的和重新想象的装置。客人可以期待一个“香蕉船”由一万个香蕉,一个融化冰棒的丛林,薄荷growhouse,和整个房间专门到加利福尼亚,其他景点之间的互动。纽约最受欢迎的画将返回,但游客可以涉水到彩虹色的游泳池充满了一亿的定制设计的洒。 甜你每天糖分的博物馆。博物馆的冰淇淋图片 黑点击怪物摇和其他地方的最爱了在纽约和LA的版本将突出一些加利福尼亚最受喜爱的冷冻治疗,太。“勺周”将包括口味的盐和稻草,麦康奈尔,和Coolhaus,品牌最出名的是它的建筑灵感的冰淇淋三明治。“Coolhaus是超级兴奋是冰淇淋的膨胀,LA博物馆的一部分,说:”联合创始人兼CEO Natasha Case。“作为一个洛杉矶诞生的品牌,我们很高兴代表所有的创新,独特的口味和想法来自我市这几天–哇人与经典的一些旋转和一些全新的口味喜欢奶昔和薯条,”街车油炸饼面团,”和“子夜”,博物馆将客人第一部分全国各地口味!同时,博物馆在艺术和食品–如此辉煌的自旋,我们所有关于我们的建筑的根源。” 甜你每天糖分的博物馆。博物馆的冰淇淋图片 雪糕的博物馆将于四月22至29可以打开,机票价格是成人29美元,儿童18美元3-12岁。纽约的冰淇淋馆聚集了等待名单超过200000,所以Angelenos,捡票你可以 对景区尼斯岛,弗里曼特尔海岸,其著名的沙滩和户外活动已经采取了后座,其最著名的袋鼠的居民。 是的,我们想给他一个拥抱过。由尼斯快速渡轮图像 quokka是岛上唯一的原生哺乳动物,而岛一直流行的澳大利亚游客,其出色的自拍让目的地为国际游客的地图。 动物是非常友好和有一个自然的“快乐”的表达,是已知的对游客愉快地迷恋自拍。坎贝尔琼斯的一个罗特内斯特岛袋鼠伸出双臂拥抱什么看起来像一个迅速走红的照片。他把幸运射击他的GoPro在环岛骑自行车。 后共享克里斯·布朗drchrisbrown在1:17am PDT 2016年6月11日 他告诉七频道:“他们是非常友好的小东西。我们只是去拍摄他们,钩住了一个美女,我想。这是震撼人心的,所以很多人都想 照片。” Emily Allen尼斯特的快速渡轮说,很多人的书,他们这样做主要是为了看上镜的动物在岛上。人们倾向于“请检查是否有可能看到quokkas,岛上可以看到”,她告诉 孤独星球。 很明显,国际旅客根本无法得到足够的quokkas。Instagrammer Allan Dixon是一个巨大的下面的时候,他开始将他的罗特内斯特岛袋鼠自拍在社交媒体上已经积累了相当的集动物自拍在他的旅行。 后由Allan Dixon–冒险家共享(达信在10 PST 2017年2月24日 艾伦目前正在试图为一个袋鼠书闪耀进一步聚光灯动物获得赞助。去年,他试图获得这本书的人群资助,但未能达到必要的目标。但他仍然认为袋鼠的运动能给人们的生活增加一点快乐。 崛起和quokka selfie上升不是停止的迹象但罗特内斯特岛权威有一些明智的指引游客想拍自己。“请记住要保持从袋鼠一个合理的距离,不要触摸或喂养他们。”游客违反这些准则会被罚款,如quokkas目前列为“脆弱”的物种。

2016MWC Mobile World Congress opened yesterday in Barcelona

2016MWC Mobile World Congress opened in Barcelona in February 22nd, many electronics manufacturers have released their new products this year, zhengqidouyan shine. Samsung, LG, HUAWEI and other products launched different highlights. once a year MWC (Mobile  World  Congress) Mobile World Congress officially opened. This year’s MWC can be described as bustling, many mobile phone manufacturers to bring the latest flagship phone. In addition, the virtual reality device is also constantly brush the presence of the current sense of the show.

Chengdu central city house prices for 7 consecutive months

Chengdu as China’s the land of abundance, basin topography as a feature, not only the beautiful scenery of the mountains and rivers, there are a lot of delicious food, along with the development of the local economy continues, prices were also rising in continuous. In July, has continued to run high for several months of the Chengdu property market also shows no signs of "fever", the city area of commercial housing turnover increased by 17%, area of commercial housing turnover increased by 22%, prices rose more than 8%. first half of the year, the Chengdu property market continued unpopular, as the start of the second half of July will continue to win out. According to the city Housing Authority commercial housing sales contract filing system data, in July, the city’s commercial housing turnover of 3 million 390 thousand square meters, an increase of up to 17%, of which commodity housing turnover of 2 million 900 thousand square meters, up by 22%. in the circle, the two circles of the market performance is particularly impressive, turnover of 1 million 810 thousand square meters of commercial housing, an increase of up to 47%, of which commodity housing turnover of 1 million 620 thousand square meters, an increase of 49%. Prices, the city’s average price of commercial housing transactions 7324 yuan / square meter, an increase of 8.6%. Among them, the two circle house prices rose 12.3%, also be the champion, reached 6102 yuan / square meters; in addition, the city center opened, rose 10.2%, up to 10755 yuan / square meters, the 7 consecutive month prices over a million. current market prices continued to soar above, but still did not stop the people’s enthusiasm to buy, many people travel prices skyrocketing, panic buying a set of their own property, but also a lot of people with rising prices headache. The central city of Chengdu house prices for 7 consecutive months, you buy a house? related recommendations