Gold rush station 5 years of persistenceAlibaba moves into online advertising

the reason is very simple, most people don’t think it necessary to operate at the same time two of the same Wangzhuan project, a project operation is good. For example, I recommended a very popular disc shareflare earlier, and it was recommended that a lot of people join in right away. In the shareflare change the Chinese IP unit price, to recommend the FileSonic disk, adding a lot less people. This is because on the one hand, there are still some people is the operation of foreign IP, no need to change; on the other hand also is done in one vigorous effort and then decline, three and exhaust problems. read more

Huang Taiji founder Li Chang because of irrational business structure, close half of large factories

below is the reply of He Chang:

1, Huang Taiji brand stores still exist and continue to deepen operations, and no substantive changes in business, we welcome you to eat delicious big pancake fruit.

1, the situation is true, indeed closed half of the large factory stores, an average of more than 500 square meters per square meter, overhead and cost, since the business structure is irrational, there is no need to retain, it is bound to turn off.

about the "take out factory" shop,

a lot of people in the industry do not represent Wangzhuan Wangzhuan to a weak, you can think about now, if you do not know how much time do not know Wangzhuan? Many beginner entered Wangzhuan Road, anxious to make money quickly, so many people use the network to make new psychological, began to cheat beginner money. For example to the beginner provides the quick start guide, teach him how to make a few hundred days, but to charge a fee and so on. Many beginner don’t know, you will be cheated! In fact Wangzhuan, not much what shortcut method, and not those who advocate 1 months you "earn 300 days" earn "500" Why are there so many people cheated, and let the Wangzhuan liar succeed, this is the network make novice weaknesses, fast in order to make money! Beginner not deceived, the following is for beginner about Wangzhuan, interested friends can see: read more

Ten Bond intelligent investment fund practitioners should not panicMicrosoft strategic investment so

for Microsoft, all this is expected. Since the launch of Bing, Microsoft step by step for their "open search platform" open search platform building blocks. From search results to the three column, to support Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora and other social content, Bing has gradually built its social search empire.


Hello everyone, I am pine Wo yuan fund partner Tian Hongfei. A smart investment topic, I give some two secondary market fund practitioners have an inside. Here, share it with you in a relaxed way. read more

Three new board wool party again attack! This time aimed at the company to be delistedHow to establi

Aiming at the

layered this year, the same "arbitrage opportunities" appeared again. In order to maintain the standard of "double 50" in the standard of innovation layer, the company that maintains the innovation layer must have a certain number of qualified investors. Therefore, the "wool party" is also seen in the "maintenance war"

from IPO company intends to shareholders with more than 200 people, the number of shareholders is not enough to the standard layer, layer punching enterprise, three new board wool party army seemed invincible, benefited in every way. read more

The new concept of task China alliance Wangzhuan, thank you webmaster!About 2007 Duba data feedback

League address: union.taskcn, our main station: www.taskcn may have your chance to earn extra income Oh:

more League information is available: top.admin5/u

Tel: 010-82334488-6399/5945

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

replacement process, please contact us directly at

Duba promotion team

Duba 2008 has a comprehensive on-line, this time we are as a new project launch, so regardless of whether in the promotion before Duba 2007 will need to re acquire the background, advertising code or installation package. read more

Satisfaction please pay attention to check when payment is completed in December 2007Pricing strateg

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

December 2007 was paid in January 25, 2008, please pay attention to it.


if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information. read more

Did you notice the website affiliate ad experienceTaobao shielding webmaster business opportunities

so these days, in the forum, see you, some friends say, do Taobao related websites, a day included. Oh, sh419 is not a fool, you can provide Taobao content, of course he likes it. So I think the current Taobao class sites for those sites have not seen improvement, want to give up and no good idea webmaster, might as well try the.

remember sh419 included Taobao pages tens of millions, with shielding events continued, and what kind of impact? I think Taobao and rival pat, eBay and other traffic should have obvious growth, but also including sh419 has ah. However, for Taobao’s exit, sh419 is still a bit more or less abandoned. sh419 is also worried about the tens of millions of data, of a sudden, netizens are not hard to find what you want? Are those who love Taobao users will slowly get used to not sh419’s online life? I think this is sh419 does not want to see. read more

Public comment CEO Zhang Tao the next Internet giant was born in O2OTalk about the entrepreneur cut

and serious media rarely intervene in this low-end marketing strategy. Moreover, although the means are despicable, but people do things quietly, and will not


three portal sites in the dying period, relying on energy-saving through the winter; 3721 when the fire, no opponent ingrained in your computer malware 360 security guards; every day to scan your hard drive and then give you a "report"; sh419 started playing and MP3 pirated sh419 library is in a flagrant way, how can you recently; video website "1 cents for 7 days free membership" compulsory fees can be viewed as a kind of cut wire; star school recently issued a document where compulsory open instalments without notice to the sh419 family bucket "…… This is a series of "wire cutting" events. read more

What pots do the tagged entrepreneurs need to get rid ofWarning do shlf1314 webmaster rookie AdSense

      2., if I can’t get it back, my site wants to do something by putting shlf1314 ads on it. How should I do it well?. Many friends say, reapply for a domain name, re registration number. Re registration of a number no problem, domain name or use the original that can not?


users to quickly open up the market liquidity fishing gold entrepreneurs, but also in the hot events emerge in an endless stream quickly labeled "put on" business "," good at packaging "these ugly hat. read more

What causes the success rate of entrepreneurship to decline Not capital is difficult to find, but ca

Prosperity and the encouragement of the policy of ?

in the near future, the number of new three board listed company breakthrough 10000 mark is no need to doubt. As an important part of China’s multi-level capital market, the market parties hope for the new three board also greater.

Abstract: keen investor attention has been focused on the new three boards. One account is very simple and clear: when investors in the main board market "lucky" hit new shares, harvest 10 or even more trading board, the investment income is really expensive. But if investors find a real growth stock called "the next BAT" on the new board, perhaps he will get a hundredfold profit. read more

CHANet notice of new advertising campaignSee how I earn 70 thousand per month

4, in March this year to start doing master, into the first 8000 months to buy a website, buy the site will only earn more than 1000 per month. When buying this website I have thought of how to develop, there is no 100% confidence. Through continuous analysis of data, organize site columns and find promotion channels spent 1 months, second months, I began the development of membership fees, then the free membership of more than 20 thousand, active up to 2000, the development of membership fees more than 400, membership fee income 40 thousand, advertising fees earned more than 3000, I summed up the end of the month secretly glad that I do. read more

Whether the value of the theory of experience Wangzhuan novice make friends referenceHow to treat pe

Wangzhuan after death the next phase of the market will be what kind of? Who predicted that will undoubtedly have positive preparation, it may be best for the next phase, I dare predict, for reference only.

So the traditional

above view is only a personal point of view, welcome to master guidance, and finally welcome to my just opened a small station on the exchange. Sohu022

is such a day? The net profit can be very responsible to say, one day earn wrote the first article is not empty talk, it is we in this year is the heart in Wangzhuan, want to make novice friends want to say, every road is not easy, which I need to have kankankeke, not a problem, not found the problem and not solve the problem, eliminate difficult process. It’s also a process we don’t mature. read more

Learn from the Tencent and surpass it in imitation

this time, the news about the SNS community emerge in an endless stream, SNS community model from 1990s to now, has been recognized and accepted by Internet users, has a group of absolute followers. Many enterprises and personal websites have begun to test the water industry, especially after the success of Facebook abroad, the SNS website has increased rapidly. Among them, is a model of success. Stationmaster net reports "on the domain name founder Pang Shengdong in an article, Pang Shengdong is bold words" copy we need $20 million, has been imitated but never surpassed. Indeed, has the strength of the enterprise funds, talents and opportunities have achieved great success, sit on the top spot of the SNS position, small business competition even big companies want to be nothing difficult, competing with him this piece of cake is not easy. read more

Feidong one in the website Huang highlights the website management issues

according to the Anhui mainstream media "safe online" website reports, in January 7th, a netizen in Baidu search "Feidong one middle" when, even appear "yellow bad information website". Up to now, the author once again Baidu search, the information has been blocked, Feidong one of the web site can also be normal open. Previously, involving yellow illegal sites are not uncommon, so rampant, according to the school website is probably the first time. It is known that Feidong is one of the key middle schools in Anhui province and the first model senior middle school in Anhui province. read more

Product interaction design how to make a practical and beautiful design document

recently prepared to do a design document sharing, but has no time to tidy up the keynote, here to share a design document template, and the use of reason in the template of each element and method. After the design document sharing, more design documents will be added to the case to analyze and discuss.

Here we go.

as an interactive designer, we need to have a global grasp of the product’s background, logic, and user experience. However, we can’t ignore a crucial step in the design process, designing output. read more

Online want to make money, when there is the courage to win the spirit of victory

has a good saying, "not to find reasons for failure, but to find ways to succeed.". But in reality, on the contrary, 90% of the people face a thing when they are looking for reasons for failure, continue to have not started, I do not think it will work. Whether it is making money online or doing anything else, we are daring to try. In the first place, people often say, "dare to fight, win," and an army has no guts to fight the enemy, and the war is a hundred percent a failure. read more

New station, 25 days traffic experience sharing

since July 4th on-line, although only a short 25 days, but quite a bit of thought. In the meantime, there are joy, but also confused, the following brief talk about their station experience, but also for the past period of time summary. If I hadn’t personally done such a station, perhaps I would never have recorded some of these words. Therefore, whether or not the practice can be true knowledge, but also hope that their experience of these flows can be inspired by the passing of you, this will make me proud and pleased. read more

From media operations how to find writing material

in the morning to see the home column column popularity, has been raised to 200. The column was reviewed yesterday and has just been published. To this end, I also made a statement: personal column opened, but also a platform to display their own. As it needs more active promotion, more channels to show their.

simply relies on QQ space to write articles, the influence is relatively limited. Many of my QQ friends have come from the proliferation of other articles on the platform. Have a column of benefits: 1 to improve personal influence, continued to publish articles, it is possible to enter the column list; 2 an identity label can be introduced to others is a columnist said; 3 in this column as the basis, easy to apply other more high-quality platform column. read more

The original owners in the eyes of girls is very cool

gets up as usual, washes his face, brush his teeth, eats his breakfast, and turns on his computer. Then open Maxthon, enter the in the address bar, today did not brush as usual speed out, waiting for a long time, Leng did not open. "My first reaction," was the website hacked? "No, I didn’t offend anyone."!". Then want to open the space provider’s home page to see, but also waited for a long time, still did not go up. So I try to open Baidu know, cut, or open, suddenly thought, and through this damn ARP virus network broken, so I was very depressed, so I can only leave their dwelling house, go to Internet cafes to maintain their station. I came to an Internet cafe and found a place near the door because I didn’t smoke and the smoke was very heavy. As usual, take a look at your station access, income, search engines, and then open the FTP, open the background, download, upload, so the update, but today I feel uncomfortable, I think it is not a long time to Internet cafes. Suddenly felt very cautious panting behind, I suddenly look back, wow! Scared me, behind a girl with two eyes looked into my eyes, and two hand over her mouth, showing very surprised! I come to: read more

How do web developers respond to the protracted war of customers

many customers in custom web development, there is such a class of people, they will determine the number of days in a website design, a whim has overturned the previous program, or because of various reasons indefinitely extended active site production schedule, put aside the contract making process agreed not to say, as a web developer, a protracted war is how to deal with the customer "".

I am in the company as an example, there is a very typical case, the customer is a department of universities, we revised the Department website, the contract period is fifteen working days to complete, the designer provides the first draft, the other department leadership too busy because of other reasons as told to wait a long time in order to feedback corrections, so the program on hold. Several days later, the initiative to contact the customer to modify the program to modify matters, then, after the other leaders to confirm the scheme of revision, web developers quickly began cutting, making follow-up template, several days after the completion of the delivery to the customer site, but was told the design still needs to discuss, to be modified (at this time the site has been completed, then use). After a few days, customers from the College of fine arts invited professionals to modify web developers to rewrite site more than half of the template code modification is completed, the next day, the other told column details to hold a meeting to discuss the adjustment (now the past few months), long wait to start. After another N days, the other party finally got a reply: probably means that the Department itself has re designed the web site as a whole, you need to site developers for follow-up production…… read more