What is the 360 search FAQ Wukong algorithm monkey algorithm to answer

in order to safeguard network security, escort a webmaster, to avoid users being phishing fraud and other hazards, 360 search algorithms in December 15th officially launched "wukong". ? A5 business network: some people likened black industry, like network >   A5 business network (admin5贵族宝贝) December 16th news, yesterday officially launched 360 search network anti black […]

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform grasp diagnostic tool abnormal announcement

article by Appollo finishing platform: www.iapolo贵族宝贝, please indicate. currently love Shanghai internal DNS system is upgrading, you crawl through the diagnostic tool may find some exception: For the convenience of 1, if you crawl through the diagnostic tool to find the occasional failure of capture, generally does not affect the normal love Shanghai grab to […]

Analysis on the local tourism website ranking how to fall in love with the sea while maintaining sta

recently, the author has been responsible for the Guizhou tourism website optimization, the period also experienced some love Shanghai algorithm block, such as local tourism websites can not buy high weight of the chain, not in the news source on the website, the tourism promotion soft article cannot be a large amount of original artifacts […]

Analysis of high quality original content why not be included

second, the content of excessive optimization. Content optimization excessive have unconscious and conscious optimization over optimization over two. For the former, the unconscious is difficult to let the webmaster optimization over, until the site right down to even be punished, more owners to conduct a comprehensive inspection is possible. Optimization of this kind of unconscious […]