The main difference between the links and the anchor text links

so, the anchor text link can increase our website YAHOO trans number, the number of love Shanghai domain cannot increase; links can increase our website YAHOO trans number, also can increase the number of love Shanghai domain. The difference of , a chain of anti in the optimization on said link anchor text and URL links, is nothing more than the difference between the chain and the site of the keywords ranking. The following simple said on the two aspects of the difference: two, the difference of   1) if we do the anchor text links to YAHOO included, the anchor text link can through YAHOO trans query; if the anchor text links are collected by Shanghai love, we love Shanghai domain query is not. we do Shanghai dragon often focus on the reverse link your website, generally all is through the YAHOO chain and love Shanghai domain (Xiang Guanyu) to check their website. on the link anchor text and URL difference before, first say what is the anchor text links and links. Keywords anchor text links is to give our own plus a hyperlink, click the keyword, enter our website directly; links to our web site is left in someone else’s website, click on the website to enter our website; there is a US web site, but can not click to enter our website, this website link we do not discuss. The Amway Nutrilite webmaster to anchor text links and difference analysis all links. said the following links to love Shanghai under the influence of the rankings, some people say that links can only increase the weight can not increase love Shanghai love Shanghai ranking. In fact, I do not endorse this view, the weight of the website is up, ranking will naturally improve. We are through the figures to illustrate: suppose we do links is love Shanghai included, love to the Shanghai link number is 5, we assume that the website made a total of 5 words, then the average link will be assigned to these keywords. "The key" Amway Nutrilite " keyword rankingWhen it comes to 2) if we do a URL link to YAHOO included, we can through the YAHOO chain to query; if this URL is love Shanghai included, we can also go to Shanghai domain love. keywords ranking difference. We can use digital forexamples to love Shanghai ranked distinction. If we do a anchor text link: for example, what we do is the words "Amway Nutrilite", if the chain is love Shanghai included, the weight of the link to Shanghai if love is 5, then the ranking of the chain of the words "Amway Nutrilite" may be assigned 4, ranking on our website for other keywords may be assigned to the 1.

What is the 360 search FAQ Wukong algorithm monkey algorithm to answer

in order to safeguard network security, escort a webmaster, to avoid users being phishing fraud and other hazards, 360 search algorithms in December 15th officially launched "wukong". ? A5 business network: some people likened black industry, like network >   A5 business network (admin5贵族宝贝) December 16th news, yesterday officially launched 360 search network anti black senior algorithm "monkey algorithm", and called for millions of owners to unite together to fight against hacker attacks. "What is the 360 search: some time ago, there is a well-known Internet Security Forum in freebuf, the exposure of the Internet hackers station industry chain, but that is shocking results. This is just a gang of exposure, there are more than 10000 names backstage administrator user name and password, including some big news media station. According to a tomsinsight survey, only a black chain, by private Zuozhuang, black color to control the payout ratio, annual sales reached 500 billion yuan. The Gang said, a month income reached millions of yuan, the gang clear division of labor, there are two core technical personnel, mainly responsible for a large type of intrusion attacks, a news site, is mainly responsible for code development and internal audit, a series of PHP, including hijacking procedures, and some foreign invasion medium weight site penetration, an ordinary technology (to scan the loopholes in the garbage site, invasion) two responsible for hanging off the hijacking code, if the station will be to recover, even someone to be responsible for the market and financial work, the mode of operation of this gang is like a small company. In order to avoid combat, they even perennial in Malaysia. The Internet webmaster used various site procedures, plug-in system, and the exposure of the most serious vulnerabilities, 0day vulnerability, the vulnerability of hackers will specifically looking at the latest exposure, once found can be used on the Internet site batch scanning, it may within a few hours there are one hundred thousand websites have been compromised. A5: Web sites are black, often have some black chain in operation, can introduce these black chain   ! hacked websites in various fields of business, education, news portals, and each website was hacked back, often have some black chain in operation, the scale of station on the Internet allegedly hacked up to 100000+ (100 thousand)! The number of Internet users affected by the black site every day, at least 6000000+ (6 million) for monkey algorithm", "monkey algorithm of common problems and other issues, A5 business network conducted an interview survey of 360 search algorithms, Wukong hope to help the webmaster friends better understand the 360 search"".

Deep debate Shanghai Dragon (two) your website content is king you truly

three: content is king should be close to the theme of : content quantity is not king has such a website, the daily update does note a number of articles updated daily, even freshness is relatively good. Normal down, often update fresh content sites, the weight and the ranking is good. But this website in the actual operation, but it is not easy to get keywords ranking. After the reason how? Website content is king, and the king can not continue to write about. Not near > website optimization do not know when the spread the word, "content is king, the chain for emperor", today we will first analyze what content is king. Many people think that every day to update the article, it is a form of content is king. The more the number of update, the weight for the site brings more and more traffic ranking. But in fact if it is so, if you do the real content of King two: content is king ? website update, the traditional optimization process, seems to be defined as more data updated daily, the search engine is love. Is it really so? In the actual operation, there are many web sites even updated daily one or two article, but still can get good rankings. Do not number of content is king is king, the idea should be done to change. On the other hand, even now in the website still has many webmaster temptation to spend money buying pseudo original tools, to create a large number of false original, even writing rules of the collection collection diligently. Which of course there are a lot of long tail word may bring traffic, but if it is right down The loss outweighs the gain.. The example is so beyond count again three, why go on it, it is not hit back wall is not ah. Good at grasping the content is king, will start from the quality of the content, and not to do everything possible to display slight skill before an expert speculation. content must be original? Many people think that content is king is to update the site as the center of the original. But I want to say, even if not an original website ranking, still can be mixed fast. A summary by its own idea of the article is in after the completion of the original, the originating station search engine will be awarded the maximum weight value. And then the content of the website, it is defined as the acquisition or reproduced. But even the same acquisition, reprint, the weight is still not the same. In fact, in an article released after the first release of the web search engine to give the weights is higher, then the sequence of analogy. When the article was reproduced, collected in the search engine rules no longer gives weight values, such as there are still people are reproduced, collected, then is the "high repetition" content, or the final search engine […]

Four methods of solving actual site only included the home page

content is an important factor affecting the website, it is accepted by all the webmaster. So, when the site only included the home page, and ROB> site only included the home page I believe that many owners have encountered this problem, the author also good, also encountered such a problem. There is only a collection of what home reasons? The most important is the site itself, such as the ROBOT file is set incorrectly, many of his reason is not clear outside the chain of quality is not high. So how to solve this problem? It is actually very simple, I experienced the reasons for a week, finally solved the problem, today I share the experience: Why do I   so, the chain is not stable, which included the amount of the website to go up, and I also met in the page to the second, but at night it disappeared, and the final one is due to the chain is not stable, through these days to increase the stability of the chain, the author of the website I finally saw the spring, so that the stability of the chain not only affect the ranking weight, also affect the level of web site. three, improve the quality of the content on the website first renderings in small in the title of special attention is the stability of the chain? The answer we all know, the chain is not stable is the most direct impact on the website that the weights follow is not stable, but also for the website also has a certain influence, such as the figure, the chain before the ups and downs of the site:     for ROBOTS file settings improper site only included the home page indeed caused great embarrassment to the author, after all, I also tried to look at the ROBOTS file is not deleted ROBOTS file. But eventually found the same result, in recent days was examined was the website source code, the author found that the original is the built-in ROBOTS file in the program and do not know, especially a built-in ROBOTS file in the dynamic URL to the screen, and the author of the website is to use a dynamic band number? This natural site, update the original content more cannot be included. Find the reason I immediately delete him, after two days included finally came out. So, a ROBOTS file is set properly, make long-term site only included the home page but do not suffer harm ah, I recommend only included webmaster to check the ROBOT file settings, but also look at whether your program comes with a ROBOTS file, so that ROBOTS block included high road. , check the ROBOTS file settings two, continue to increase the stability of the chain

Love Shanghai not included the three reason WordPress blog

according to my personal experience, I guess there are three reasons. space space led to the problem of love Shanghai not included, is actually very little attention. Of course, the answer is far from absolute, because the space is not stable or slow access speed may only lead to love Shanghai not included a reason for many reasons, but does not normally occur alone, but in considering why love Shanghai not included in my blog this question, the reasons need to be considered. theme? after careful consideration, I put on a blog without drawing simple WordPress theme, after more than 10 days of careful observation and waiting in Shanghai, love the next update date (usually on Friday), Shanghai finally found love began to included, and have included page from the point of view, should be > ? the answer is yes. using WordPress many blog friends have a doubt: why love Shanghai not included in my blog? Is it really as people said, do not love love Shanghai WordPress blog? Hard to write blogs for almost a year, but the love of Shanghai is not included, seriously affected the enthusiasm of bloggers to write blogs. love Shanghai why not included blog WordPress ? it seems to be a strange reason: is a blog theme will affect your love Shanghai The a bad is often unable to visit the blog host directly affects the search engine friendly, the author pays attention to the Shanghai dragon, basically there is no dispute. Because build WordPress blog requires a basic PHP and MySQL spatial database, and the domestic IDC (space service providers) php space prices are very high, if the purchase of domestic MySQL database, the investment is not the average person can withstand. Therefore, most of the WordPress blog is built in a foreign host, and the host of foreign access speed in any case is not with the domestic space ratio, therefore, this caused a seemingly WordPress blog love Shanghai very poor performance, not included, or included very few cases. I have a professional blog BlackBerry house, on the line since, has been used as the default WordPress theme, then fell in love with the sea, and soon had a rank. When tempted to see a domestic theme is good, so change clothes, but soon happened to remain perplexed despite much thought: love sea K station. Did not find the theme, until about a year later, because of love of Shanghai haven’t included, I was very depressed, so I think this is the reason of the WordPress blog theme love Shanghai included

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform grasp diagnostic tool abnormal announcement

article by Appollo finishing platform: www.iapolo贵族宝贝, please indicate. currently love Shanghai internal DNS system is upgrading, you crawl through the diagnostic tool may find some exception: For the convenience of 1, if you crawl through the diagnostic tool to find the occasional failure of capture, generally does not affect the normal love Shanghai grab to your site and included. 2, if continued for several days and the crawl fails, the reason for the failure is not resolved to IP or robots ban, please confirm not to love Shanghai robots ban and the link to access, then crawls through the diagnostic tools, click "update IP" at the same time, we use the robots tool to update robots, background will respond within 10 minutes. feedback center staff quickly summarize data, please click the following format for feedback, thank you 3, IP and robots were not updated if it did not work, please timely feedback through the center of feedback, our staff will immediately follow up processing.   webmasters:

Analysis on the local tourism website ranking how to fall in love with the sea while maintaining sta

recently, the author has been responsible for the Guizhou tourism website optimization, the period also experienced some love Shanghai algorithm block, such as local tourism websites can not buy high weight of the chain, not in the news source on the website, the tourism promotion soft article cannot be a large amount of original artifacts and so on, but from another perspective, Shanghai love algorithms are for the people? Why should they go for? Because they use optimization in less formal and efficient means, so we in the optimization of the local tourism website only requires the use of formal methods can be optimized, so that not only echo the algorithm also not let myself love Shanghai the site has been implicated in the algorithm. Then, the local tourism website ranking how to seek progress in the search engines love Shanghai? I will be here by some of their own experience to share with you to optimize the local tourism website owners. first, the stability of the web space to keep stable, this is a must, optimize the site should not only consider the spider experience should take into account the user’s experience, and now love Shanghai strongly do stand is to give users see, although it is for users to see, to see the spider, can fully explain is the same man and spider. The stability of the web space determines the spiders and user experience, the experience with the two kinds of feeling, love Shanghai will give the website ranking, weight, flow, if the experience of the poor estimation will be OVER, so the author thinks that the stability of the web space to achieve time stability, actually this is the majority of Shanghai dragon master knows, also is not to say nonsense. with the rapid development of tourism industry, most of the local travel agencies began to line travel agency with the online travel agency together, it also makes the rise of substantial local travel website, but when the local tourism website developed after the degree of competition is more and more big, the local tourism website want their site ranking in Shanghai love home let keyword ranking talent shows itself, but also stable, so a lot of local tourism websites are strengthening optimization. At present, Shanghai love emerge in an endless stream algorithm, many responsible for optimization of tourism website of Shanghai dragon did not know how to start will be better, thus causing a lot of local tourism website keywords ranking scale down, which I think is always love Shanghai algorithm to optimize, after all, many optimization methods can still do. > , for example: the author is responsible for the Guizhou tourism website of Shanghai dragon Er, the website host is independent server network, the stability is very good, for a second time to open the telecom and Unicom open time is two seconds, three seconds, Netcom opening time for foreign open time is four seconds, of course, this is just one example in […]

Dongguan Shanghai Dragon website do not flow

2, how to choose keywords, can improve the site traffic. 1, 3, adjust the site condition. we can choose some successful website to analyze his long tail rankings, as part of the long tail keywords Xiao Jun blog as follows, then the actual situation of their own comprehensive website, there are plans to do some long tail keywords related content, from the long tail keywords to mining flow. Related to the site of the long tail content finished, then the other sites continue to choose to continue to update the content. As our site operation: love Shanghai index: 8 key words: Shanghai dragon and the construction of the chain, is found in this blog a long tail words flow. 4, there are plans to do long tail keyword ranking. selection method is the most effective analysis of related websites, here we illustrate: 1, the construction of a suitable marketing website. so, website traffic come from? Good keywords ranking! A website in the theme, you can do a keyword selection operation, keywords ranking, so that the web site traffic, but, you know, the value of the size of the need to choose keywords, because of this, because the words of his website the operation flow is different, there are great differences. here, we assume that your website and Dongguan Shanghai dragon website, later to the third step (the content of the web site can quickly be included in search engines, and release related ranking good), the rest of the fourth step, the key step is to make the site get traffic. ?Keywords: original source: 贵族宝贝71name贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon -FAQ/185/ 2, determine the theme of the site layout and site keywords.  >   improve site traffic, no traffic site how to do, how to improve website traffic this period for the webmaster or Shanghai Longfeng introduce, if the site does not have the flow of how to do? How to improve website traffic? In fact, to build a high traffic website, skill + execution results, a web site traffic, is not accidental, there must be a process, probably as follows: sites do not flow? How to improve website traffic site traffic come from? original content? said this, may be just the only 300 words, but the real implementation, is not an easy thing really, want the website to enhance the flow is a very easy thing to do, do not believe, you can try a Keywords flow want to make website promotion flow, we must figure out the following questions:

About love in Shanghai included slow and lag snapshot solutions

! ! there is no better way, as a warning for the future, so to find some relevant information on the Internet, the people greatly disappointed, guess what, is not a long and minute statement website such high-tech, who does not know those obscure code I do part-time webmaster life difficult Kaner! Or oneself slowly analysis recently mood is very depressed, the site launched more than 3 months, the other big engine included are normal, snapshot can keep up, but love Shanghai difficult, included unusually slow, a month to collect 4 to 5 articles, let alone a snapshot of my website, February on the line the snapshot to March 2nd has just been some time ago, the love of Shanghai and to update the site, now I was too horrible to look at and I recall that 2 months to the website operation process combined with some data to find some clues, we all know that between the major search engines are different, each engine to the site’s ranking calculation rules are not the same, of course, all the engines between the subtle algorithm I can make nothing of it, but the the same rules are not unfamiliar to us, I think, can start from the most basic, the basic thing to do, the effect is a bit better than I had a plan, first of all from the content of the site started, I was copying the content on the website, basically do not change, ha ha, a statement here ah, I am not lazy, because there is no time, after all, is an amateur, or to work as. There is a reason why the original article takes a lot of energy, and then one said my literary grace is limited. Still, not to make false original original, well, I think a good pseudo original is the original. Of course, there are also many techniques, traditional qiatouquwei reform now seems to have no matter, are able to escape the spider, a pair of eye. Shanghai Longfeng is a search engine and process of wits, after an article to put the title to change, this is very important, first of all is to see the spider to you the text of the title, then read your text, then changed the title, then the content of the pseudo original, my method very simple, is to use your own words to the COPY article to re write it again, not all rewritten, but replaced Related words and sentences, so the spider crawl after it and the database, and the similarity is only 40%, it is that this article is original! This is take time, but better than their original articles come faster than ! ! second is from the chain to the chain for the emperor, although I don’t know what it means, but understanding the importance of the chain in the site literally, personally feel that the weight high website published in the article is the chain method best, like everyone […]

Analysis of high quality original content why not be included

second, the content of excessive optimization. Content optimization excessive have unconscious and conscious optimization over optimization over two. For the former, the unconscious is difficult to let the webmaster optimization over, until the site right down to even be punished, more owners to conduct a comprehensive inspection is possible. Optimization of this kind of unconscious over usually manifested in web content creation, because some owners to the so-called original content, will deliberately increase the content of the web site text, and began to write and keywords appear serious deviation, which is in the composition, problems often occur in the society, if such the content increased, it is easy to let the love of Shanghai that you are cheating, but as a writer, but often did not know, leading web content included drop. encountered such a problem, if it is in strict accordance with the Shanghai love optimization guide, the ratio is still very low, of course, does not rule out here, although according to love Shanghai optimization guide is optimized, but due to their own understanding of the optimization of the staff because of the deviation, or imperceptibly of excessive optimization, it is prone to this high the quality of content is difficult to include the problem. Here’s the problem analysis and solve specific. Of course, first, web search engines function problems. Generally speaking, Shanghai love spiders can be in the Internet environment, in accordance with industry rules on the Internet to retrieve the related content and links. As long as the spider is found fresh contents, usually will be the first time to crawl. But some sites but because the fault itself, leading to love Shanghai spider crawling to the limit, or love Shanghai spider crawling function is invalid, so the content of the web site, even if the content is of high quality, it is difficult to be included in the love of Shanghai. love Shanghai search engine is a very pleasant thing, but sometimes, when they found are also trying to write high quality original articles, and regularly updated regularly, but the content of the website included efficiency are difficult to upgrade, even difficult problems included. In some cases, included problems can’t be solved in time, will eventually lead to a rapid decline, the website ranking and disappeared, that is to say the site is down right and be punished. so when we found that high quality content of the site is not love Shanghai included, you can use love Shanghai webmaster tools, also is the special tool for grasping abnormal examination, if it is found that the time of grasping the timeout number increase, the server error number increase and DNS error number increased, and the content also began to love Shanghai included, then is the most likely site failure, such as DNS server failure or failure, even the site was hacked etc.. The need to check the site, enhance the health of the site, usually soon will be included. as for the latter, it is […]

Five common causes of death on the site

is one of the most common cause of death of the site, the site’s traffic is too low is always the webmaster have hated things. A site to have development, want to have their own a space for one person in the vast army of the Internet, the key point is to see your site have enough traffic. If your site’s traffic every day is only two or three kittens, I think even you as a webmaster in how to ever know. Therefore, as a webmaster if you want to have the prospect of your site, you’d better in the promotion of the site under foot. Ma, Zuckerberg, Li Kaifu and so on to see the Chinese and foreign Internet entrepreneurs. Many young people who enter the Internet industry eager for a fight. At the beginning of all hope to have a space for one person aspiring, oneself in the Internet can make a lot of money. These ideas are good, but the reality is very cruel. If you do not have the technology, no money, no idea, Never mind and so on, you will be very difficult to have a big development on the internet. You will find it is not easy to do a site, which is why there are so many sites, but the real success is very rare. Many sites are launched in the two or three years after they all died, what is a common cause of these sites will die? The author today through some online information summarized several causes of death site. many owners in building their own site before and did not make an accurate positioning of their own site, nor of their target users are analyzed, just blindly thinking about what the site is promising, blind more wind, others do what site make money blindly follow. The success of the business did not own the site to do a thorough analysis, others do this site can succeed because they are already on this field is very understanding, know their own strengths in this area, so the success of. But if we are not familiar with this field, but blindly follow the trend, imagine how successful this site. with each stationmaster strong to do the site, may be just the beginning of the day in the best of spirits. " four: after the interest, to a variety of reasons to give up three: second rate or free host domain name, site from "off" according to the author’s observation that many sites are a major cause of operation failure is the host domain name is not enough attention to the use of the second host domain name or some free products. These are some security products, especially some free products, maybe one day the space will delete your site. Make your site be closed "". So I want to remind you webmaster, if you want to develop your own site, absolutely can not bear that money, bear a child sets the wolf. two: […]

Google search results page integration nobility baby + question function

    users click on the "Ask on noble baby +" button, you can see the following dialog box:   Beijing on January 22nd news, according to foreign media reports, Google after three days before the announcement of the social network + nobility baby adds new features to a dialogue based on the search, and in the day before the same low-key functional integration to the search engine home page.   addition, Chinese version of Google search engine has yet to launch this function. however, there are still the industry commentators believe that Google will this function on the bottom of the search results page is too low, and vigorously develop social and communication service strategy are initiatives so important, but no official news or blog, can not be said to be the executive and publicity error.   does not provide any rigid link dialog box for the user’s search, but such links may want to help users solve problems help friends. However, this new feature can still encourage users to launch new dialogue in the inexhaustible nobility baby +, so as to enhance the vitality of the nobility + baby.  

Analysis of several optimization strategies to enhance the site picture effect

with love Shanghai algorithm intelligent level more and more high, love Shanghai for the grasping ability also began a significant growth in this environment, the optimization effect will become more and more obvious website images. But the content on the website in the form of text and pictures to show, but also can enhance the readability of the content effectively, so whether it is from the optimization point of view, or from the user experience point of view, to enhance the effect of optimization of website images becomes more and more important. third pictures of the surrounding text and pictures must have certain correlation. The picture shows the Shanghai dragon, but also in the ALT attribute, also referred to the text of Shanghai phoenix. The pictures of the surrounding text should focus on the Shanghai dragon Related words, but also need to include the keywords of Shanghai Phoenix, so you can make love spiders in Shanghai know there is a certain relationship between the picture and the Shanghai dragon, when the content is included and searched, will show the picture in the search results in the page, so it can be very good to help your website to attract users to click. But if your pictures of the surrounding text and pictures of the relation > second, picture naming rules are. Love Shanghai spiders crawl website has mainly to the site’s internal space, will crawl for folders, you need to follow certain rules in our named folder, the different columns correspond to the corresponding folder, at the same time for the same name, for example, we can follow the upload time to name the picture, such as 20160112001pic etc. in fact, the name is to tell the love Shanghai spiders, this is January 12, 2016 to upload first pictures. The regularity of the picture can let love Shanghai spiders recognition more quickly, thereby enhance the image optimization effect. first, don’t try to collect pictures. We now know many owners for fear of trouble, often directly to the other sites to download the pictures down, and then transmit to your web site, so love Shanghai’s search results, there will be a lot of duplicate pictures, such as a few years ago, flooding the weight-loss product pictures, many web content using the pictures are basically the same, this not only allows users to produce fatigue, but also let the love of spiders in Shanghai quickly find the potential relationship between these contents, and timely screening the contents of the corresponding punishment, related websites, this is also an important reason why many weight-loss websites put up the shutters overnight. especially the love of Shanghai in the search results, it is able to search the contents of corresponding pictures show bar, this way has great effect to attract users to click, is tantamount to love Shanghai for your website to pull traffic, but if your pictures and the corresponding content not related, or exist to mislead users of the phenomenon, then Shanghai would love […]

For some feeling after the occupation of Shanghai Dragon

and I want to say, for the optimization of key words, from a broader sense, everyone has a very beautiful and very proud of the name "Shanghai dragon optimization division", but from our optimization keywords above, we belong to different types, and the optimization techniques for everyone is not the same, so that we in the optimization of time will encounter many problems, but we can also find many ways. There is a key difficulty we decided to use the techniques and ideas are not the same, everyone also determines the differences of the keywords optimization techniques. What is everyone in the industry, the optimization of the site is not the same, which extends out of Shanghai Longfeng flow station, station brand, enterprise station, optimization industry station, medical station and so on site, we can see the different categories of each site from these sites, the way is not the same the. This requires us to update the needle love Shanghai to study real Shanghai dragon. an obviously problem, because the update mechanism of love in Shanghai is not the same, we can also understand that Shanghai dragon why this platform is updated every day, which has only the teacher’s article is updated every day, which explains what the problem is? It shows that when we do not, Shanghai dragon behind closed doors, some good friends to me, some students went to Shanghai dragon knowledge exchange. I will meet. a few days ago to a network interview, interview the teacher asked a question: "do you think I like what is called Shanghai dragon?" this question put me to laugh, to be honest, I do so long Shanghai dragon, oneself also never thought of this topic, so simple she answered, I said: "you ask me what is called the Shanghai dragon, for example, now you ask me what is the same person". To tell the truth, Shanghai dragon is a very profound knowledge, we have no way to say what is the real Shanghai dragon. Before you are in the habit of using the "content is king, the chain for the emperor to answer Shanghai dragon, but now with the reduced weight of the chain, with the on-line algorithm with Scindapsus, on-line algorithm for the first phase of the pomegranate, the chain for the emperor once seemed so feeble, here I want to say is. Not to say that the chain has no effect, but the effect is the chain is reduced very small. Love Shanghai has been holding user experience, has been holding the original article to speak, the purpose is very clear: that is to us to write high quality articles, the high end high where, it is worth us to ponder, to dig, to think about the high altitude. There is high at the same time, Shanghai also said that the user experience of love. What is the user experience? Everyone’s search habits are not the same, maybe you will become the user experience of others is not […]

Google China market continued to suffer, the rise of new domestic competition

Ali cloud, will be placed in the Alibaba of AliCloud Group subsidiary, will provide many of the same features, other search engines provide web surfing. This page will use the Internet, news, pictures, map search. Will be equipped with digital map and navigation company, a China High German software, provide the map service on Ali cloud. in this case, the main goal of any company launched a search engine is a challenge to the leader, love Shanghai, Alibaba seem to stick to the end of Google. For beginners, this seems to be no small coincidence Ali cloud search engine industry analysts believe that there will be more in common, visual than the other competitors in the market with Google China. foreign business analysis, recent data show that Google in the field of search engine continued strong. In the search engine’s leadership position in the United States, Google search is still the first choice, is the world’s largest search engine. However, Google has not been able to establish the same position in China, and China is the most populous country in the world, a rapidly growing consumer group. at present, Chinese search engine market dominant love Shanghai. With a 72.97% market share, in Chinese, love Shanghai’s dominance may be a better marker for the industry to maintain choke. The nearest competitor, Qihoo 360 in 9.64%, not even require double-digit market share. The third is Sogou in 7.83%, followed by the "amazing accident" of the Google fourth market share of 4.72%. Bing and several other search engines list may require less than 1% of the market share. supplier is dominant in such a chaotic industry, it seems puzzling is that another enterprise is going to step into the ring. However, this story is more than the other competitors in the entrance China search engine market. Alibaba group has a strong financial strength, so the measurement method has the ability to take the Chinese into cracking in the market, does not need to rush through an "all or nothing" way out of the gate. last year, Alibaba created the aliyun mobile operating system of intelligent mobile phone use in Chinese, and believe that operating system developed by Acer on mobile phone. But > in addition to a similar appearance, its search engine, to enter the market entrance Ali cloud may be another between Google and Alibaba across the Chinese battle. Yes, the two rivals have history with each other in the country in the high-tech industry, and it will not be described as friendly. now the news is Google in the Chinese market is getting worse and worse, Chinese market continued emission of new competitors in the search engine. Alibaba, headquartered in Chinese Internet Co, called Ali cloud efforts, not only challenges the most popular search engine and Google, love Shanghai and the new search engine. ComScore data show that A

Google PR update is for the market or to the last remedy

is the influence of manufacturing noble baby + It is The recently the webmaster feel two of the largest search engine – love Shanghai and Google, are not calm. Love Shanghai, there have been some smoke, this is as everyone knows, in the "520" completely broke, crazy K station, included soared sharply reduced, launched its own Shanghai Longfeng recommendations. Google also broke out in quiet, generally think that PR is not updated, now a large update, and it is common to enhance the PR value of the site, and an update on last night, a lot of people just ascend and return to the PR. These will let the webmaster for boiling circles, PR Google update so frequently have to let the webmaster have a lot of ideas. to make up for the last PR update errors in some time ago, Google officially entered the social field, think of the social field can be described as fast now. There is a very strong leader — Facebook and Twitter international. The Facebook strength can see from its founder Mark worth, Twitter’s success can be China from the prototype of social networking sites can be seen, like the popular micro-blog, is the development of light blog is its prototype. We cannot deny the strength of Google, Google is still a lot of users. But this does not mean it will launch the noble baby + hot, in the US there was a similar example, as we know it is the Tencent soso search engine Tencent users are widely distributed in the world, but its search engine and love Shanghai is beyond comparison. So, Google should implement effective strategies is necessary. after updating the PR dropped from 3 to 2, and today has returned to 3. It had to let us think that it is in the correct their mistakes, because there is no good to have after the last update. In the chain of even less do more, Links is not changed, so the promotion began also makes me very puzzling. Although PR is very little impact on us, but in the current PR Internet community or a website brand, others see you how the website, can also refer to your PR. ?The last time the PR update inevitably reminds us of the noble baby will enter the China + mass market, in PR. An old station before the Google PR update so many owners excited, because at least ninety percent of the stations have been improved. The author of the new PR two months rose to 1, there are more crazy station is about to rise from 0 to 4, this is very normal. Maybe after the update Google also began to recognize their mistakes, if immediately adjusted, it will have a great influence on Google’s own image. You are excited in pouring a pot of cold water, but let the webmaster has lost confidence in Google. So, Google began to put down at all after the PR has been adjusted […]

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform how to identify the Baiduspider guarantee site is normally grab

Last week 3, MAC in the OS platform, you can use the dig command to determine whether the anti IP solution from the capture of Baiduspider. Open the command processor. in addition, before there are owners to patronize Baiduspider questioned too frequently, has gone beyond the capacity of the server. Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform traced the Baiduspider anomaly on the site to grab is not, the spider is likely to be a Li Gui. ? A5 (www.admin5贵族宝贝) station network April 24th news, there are many sites appear excessive Baiduspider behavior, the impact on the site included. Even the website to reflect the love of spiders in Shanghai too frequently patronize abnormal behavior. The recent love Shanghai Webmaster Platform said Baiduspider on the site to grab no exception, and publish the tutorial to help owners identify Baiduspider, and added to the white list. so, how to judge the webmaster of this spider is not from love Shanghai search engine by IP love Shanghai Webmaster Platform received a master for help, said mistakenly banned Baiduspider IP, asked whether there is a way to get all IP Baiduspider, plans to add the white list to protect, prevent again wrong letters. This will tell you webmaster, Baiduspider IP pool is constantly changing, we can not provide the complete IP. 1, in the Linux platform, you can use the host IP command to determine whether the inverse solution of IP from the capture of Baiduspider. Baiduspider hostname named *.baidu贵族宝贝 or * format, not *.baidu贵族宝贝 or * is fake. 2, windows IBM platform or OS/2 platform, you can use the NSLOOKUP IP command to determine whether the inverse solution of IP from the capture of Baiduspider. Open the command processor input NSLOOKUP (IP address) can parse IP, to determine whether the Baiduspider from the Baiduspider hostname capture, named after *.baidu贵族宝贝 or * format, not *.baidu贵族宝贝 or * is fake. In can solve this problem through DNS check method. According to the different platforms different authentication methods, such as the verification method of linux/windows/os three platform are as follows:

Gao Wenliang the collection rate analysis of several well-known webmaster forum

We do a lot of mention here, the actual content of the above statistics Chinaz wrong, now the layout should be 1761262, because before the Xiaoheiwu and moderator area are also calculated in Chinaz, and there is a concise version, many of my friends do not know, I found a > there is no see? This is the same post, two URL, one has been included, another not included, then use the DZ template if the actual number of topics should be multiplied by 2, so we included rate is not included in Shanghai love theme divided by the number of wrong, and one? A place we forget, that is the personal space and the log space, the number of members is personal space, log number should not be too much, this is not the actual number of statistics, so it is. but to a certain look quite tedious, as long as we specific analysis of these forums included rate can be seen probably, many of my friends were aware of this but there is no specific analysis, then take a look at whether the analysis of today’s high Wenliang can give you some reference. domestic well-known webmaster forum are: why, Admin5, Shanghai dragon Chinaz, im286, phpwind, discuz, tui18 and 28tui (no particular order). I think everyone in the forum posts certainly many, then you have the webmaster friends often take a look at its previous posts love Shanghai is included? How many included deleted? Why? The reason is very simple, love Shanghai so you stick out these links also disappeared. for Shanghai dragon people, the chain is the essential part of the forum outside the chain in the chain which accounted for a large proportion of the chain in the forum webmaster forum is the day we have to send the chain, because of their high weight, and the chain will not be openly delete posts. Well, begin today’s topic, included rate analysis the webmaster forum. we all know that the chain stability is very important, the chain site often change radically is likely to be down right or even love Shanghai K station. Gao Wenliang in the rankings from Shanghai love Google to judge the stability of the chain of this article also reiterated this point, so how to guarantee the stability of the chain? Many webmaster friends may simply think that as long as the security post was not deleted on the line, but not really, because the end is to return to love Shanghai, if Shanghai love your posts deleted it and other websites to delete your post is not what kind of two. this is the high Wenliang No. 26 statistical results, a look at the data, may be a lot of careful friends will be very surprised, a push and push the 28 less than the number of topics included the number, is not high Wenliang statistical error, in fact, the DZ template has a characteristic, with a stick son two URL.

Path optimization driven website ranking

then, the path optimization, we can also consider to use pinyin to website domain name path. Also, the reason for this is because the Chinese search engine for phonetic recognition is very high, the uniform domain name rules, can be unified path naming rules, pinyin. Of course, the unnecessary use of the domain name or path – Larry can, it can achieve the targeted search engine optimization identification. ? details determine success in website optimization, this is the most obvious. A good keyword ranking website, the website internal optimization will be the perfect show. We know that, in general, we require a web site path is simplified, so that the search engine spiders crawling better, also can improve the user experience, giving users a convenient access way. finally, we want to say to the site within the chain system, those who can bring unexpected useless to the website ranking effect path. The most obvious is Links, they don’t have high value for access to the site itself, but we also know that Links does not interfere with the user access. Under such circumstances, the search engine will be Chinese for not to interfere with the user experience, and can provide the link for the site into the voting points, will drive the website rankings. cheat in the search engine rules, hidden links, keywords on the site within the deposit will be reduced or even directly drop right by K treatment. This also explains, when our website is implanted Trojan link website ranking website directly or sag is the cause of the K. Not only because of its no correlation, but because this practice itself is a serious violation. Therefore, in the US on the site within the chain of cloth. Then the first, we must optimize the path is clear, its basic or site in the layout of the chain. In general, we do within the chain system layout is perfect in the path to the web site that can be the site directory at all together, formed a relatively perfect system of internal links network, convenient search engine spiders can be deeper and wider to the website directory at all in crawling. ? create a good website ranking, many influence factors, basic optimization, content optimization is that we should pay attention to. Today the author Dennis said the path optimization, do not know if you have not thought! path optimization how to do secondly, path optimization will be ready at the beginning of the site, which is set in the path should be short, must be clear. Because the default rules of search engine, the path name is short and clear more convenient memory, and that the domain name is beneficial to the user, the user trust degree will be relatively high, so that the search engine to improve website trust. Why is there such a rule? In fact, it is not difficult to find, in general, the affiliated fishing website domain name path is relatively long, it has […]

In the face of Shanghai search engine we should take time for love

everything in motion, change and development. Love Shanghai search engine is no exception, with the constantly changing, only Adsense heart remains unchanged. Every day to check your website, check Links to night work constantly learning from the morning, it can be said now is a big webmaster friends: "day and night to make a living, strives for the development" in the form of progress. ! ! ! now we all feel that Shanghai dragon love Shanghai is harder than Google, especially the keyword ranking, some words are not too popular keywords, as long as the optimization for a period of time, Google ranking is very good, and love, Shanghai is still completely indifferent ", is also the key of a" Xiamen Logistics network ". Google has been ranked first in more than a year, and the love of Shanghai is always fluctuating elusive!! and now love Shanghai and numerous, enter a word in the two search engines, like Shanghai a lot of advertising, while Google is only one or two, the difference in different sex, let Shanghai search engine optimization promotion webmaster friends each love Shanghai algorithm is changed, some people are happy, some sad! Some obviously website ranking is very good, but not overnight! Some struggling website but let yourself see the hope of making money! Such things are happening in those relatively small sites in the site has been in large! Love in the eyes of Shanghai have an unshakable position! Love Shanghai for their products or love love Shanghai search engine of change, facing the webmaster friends love Shanghai search engine should take time for article by Xiamen freight line (贵族宝贝ww> now as long as a little bit flow or a bit value, is love Shanghai care home! Not love is love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia not know; love is the love of Shanghai Shanghai know Post Bar; not love is a library of Shanghai Post Bar…… And now, the love of Shanghai open platform. We all know that the search engine ranking first to occupy a large amount of traffic, and those popular words, often with more than one love Shanghai, traffic was almost their monopoly on love Shanghai search engine is not only reflected in the products of their own favorite. And love is always joking with webmaster friends! When his collection of many, second days found few, when their site ranking in the first few years, found the lost It is without rhyme or reason. on page second. In fact, we were not sorry its thing, but it is with us to open a big joke! For example, webmaster friends know Shanghai dragon why, row in the first home has been maintained for one or two years, a few days ago in Shanghai love enter the keywords of Shanghai dragon, the Dragon why ranked in Shanghai the second page first, and for which the row to the first. When people have speculated, love Shanghai and put it to the first row in the home position […]