From Motivate and ofo to see the entrepreneurial opportunities under the connected economy

"·" is "exchange; observe Rimula · wealth sink WeChat public number regular Friday column, providing the most in-depth business circle of entrepreneurial wealth observation reports for readers. Rimula · wealth sink to "smell, FAQ, etc., for the purpose of reform", is committed to convergence with common values and a sense of responsibility to create wealth, […]

Hit the voice of the customer the second quarter of the Haier U+ hit off contest to help me achieve

September 1st, "Newell U+, bloom dream – 2016 Haier U+ hit off the contest the second season and U+ ecological forum ShangHai Railway Station" held in Shanghai Exhibition Center, contest brings together Haier U+ platform, hard eggs, business lounge, online platform alliance, China intelligent Home Furnishing industry in Zhongguancun Venture Street, Haier Saif, sealegend investment […]

Dongsheng an entrepreneurial success of grass root to make money

is a pioneering a life-and-death matter of war, the slightest mistake startups will be doomed eternally, entrepreneurs can success on the road of entrepreneurship, to realize their entrepreneurial dreams, is completely determined by its own, only their own entrepreneurial success and failure, gain and loss, to bear.   early stage venture capital fund is essential, […]

A lesson learned from the market, subvert the pattern of the courier industry entrepreneurs

from: Forbes Chinese network CityLink was one of Britain’s largest package delivery company, its closure timing could not be worse; the bankruptcy administrator intervention on Christmas Eve in 2014 then, on Christmas day, the company declared bankruptcy. An anonymous consortium proposed a last-minute takeover offer, but because the bid "underestimated the value of the company", […]

Wuhan, a city of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs and investors can not see each other

Abstract: a local media friends at the table to sum up this phenomenon: Wuhan entrepreneurs and investors can not see each other. Entrepreneurs believe that local investors do not understand the Internet project, and investors feel that many startups do not fly.   as a vigorous growth of entrepreneurial city, Wuhan entrepreneurial ecology how? In […]