2016 prospects for investment franchise stores recommend

investment prospects, so entrepreneurs in the choice of investment must be optimistic about the market prospects, maybe you are worried about this, Xiaobian to recommend several 2016 promising investment franchise, for reference. "DIY" shop is the personality of young people to pursue, is the one and only. DIY jewelry not only meet the needs of […]

Foreign trade children’s clothing stores such operations can be successful

many treasure mother child shopping, will always give the child to choose clothes, to express their love of children, for the majority of consumers, foreign children can give their children more in experience, to win people’s favor. first, foreign trade children’s clothing store sales staff must first fully understand the product. Customers need a few […]

Fujian and other cities into the middle high income stage

in the process of sustained economic development, our people’s living standards have been significantly improved, while the hands of the income has gradually increased. In October 21st, CO sponsored by the Academy of Social Sciences Institute of economic research China, national finance and development laboratory and the Social Sciences Documentation Publishing House "economic Blue Book […]

Beijing Beijing University held in Taiwan Youth Entrepreneurship Forum

in the promotion of management activities, in cooperation with Taiwan, cross-strait youth entrepreneurship has began the trend of normalization. In recent years, the two sides have carried out a number of cooperation and exchange activities to promote entrepreneurship and promote mutual learning, opening up new channels for cross-strait economic development and human progress.